While an iPad can certainly be a lifesaver in the car, the waiting room, or while you’re trying to work, it’s also an expensive investment. Kids have a knack for finding a way to break just about anything, and their beloved iPad is no exception. It’s worth spending a little extra money for the peace of mind that a durable iPad case can provide. Below are our favorite options for protection against drops, spills, and cracked screens.

How to Pick the Best " iPad Cases" for Kids

You know that you need an iPad case, but how do you choose the right one for your family? Read on for the best ways to narrow down your choices.

1. Recommended Age

The AAP recommends no screen time until age 2, but most parents I know take that recommendation with a grain of salt. Some of these cases are better suited for toddlers and younger kids, while others have a more mature appearance that will appeal to older kids. The cases for younger kids tend to be foam and therefore a little larger.

2. Size

Perhaps the most important part of your purchase: get the right size! These iPad cases for kids fit either the 9.7″ or the 10.2″ iPads. The 7th and 8th generation iPads are larger than the earlier models. Make sure to check the model number of your iPad before purchasing the corresponding case. These cases are not compatible with the iPad mini, but many will fit the iPad Air or iPad Pro (depending on the model, of course).

3. Material

iPad cases for kids are typically made with foam, silicone, or plastic. EVA is commonly used, which is a non-toxic material that is soft, durable, and feels like a mix between rubber and foam (1). We do have a synthetic leather option for older kids, and the screen protectors are made from tempered glass or clear plastic. All of these materials are durable and helpful in lengthening the life of your iPad.

4. Colors

The best way to customize your child’s iPad? The color or design on their iPad case. Most of these cases have a wide range of color options, and some even have unique designs and artwork. Buy a different color for each child so there’s no confusion.

5. Pieces

The cases range from one to three pieces for ultimate protection. If you want something simple, a one-piece design may be for you. The two- or three-piece sets often feature different layers and materials for extra protection. Some also offer screen protection.

6. Extra Features

Extra features can make all the difference when purchasing a kids’ iPad case. Look out for kickstands, handles, adjustable straps, screen protectors, and heat vents. These all come in handy, whether you’re at home or traveling.

The Winners

These are our favorite tablet cases on the market!


TopEsct Shockproof

Best Overall

This silicone soft gel iPad case has it all: it’s shock-proof, drop-proof, and non-slip, and the tempered glass screen protector keeps your device in pristine condition. There are three handles for easy gripping, as well as a lanyard that works perfectly for hanging on the back of a car headrest. Prop it up easily with the fold out stand, and remove the case to wash. This is one of the best iPad cases for kids, with a ton of great feedback from happy parents.

Recommended Age: Kids of all ages
Size: Apple iPad 9.7″, not for the iPad mini
Material: Silicone soft gel and tempered glass
Colors: Available in 7 colors
Pieces: Case, built-in screen protector
Extra Features: Kickstand and lanyard included, three handles


Speck Products Case-E

Upgrade Choice

The Speck Case-E is extremely lightweight and easy for little hands to hold. We love the adorable, movable, flexible arms that can hang or stand horizontally and vertically for a ton of watching options. This foam case for kids can be dropped from six feet, which I’m sure your child will be happy to test. It’s compatible with the 9.7″ iPad, including the iPad Pro, and iPad Air 1 and 2.

Recommended Age: Best suited for toddlers and younger kids
Size: 9.7″ iPad
Material: EVA foam
Colors: Green/grey and Red/blue
Pieces: Case and two detachable arms
Extra features: Arms for standing and hanging


ProCase Kids Case

Best Budget Buy

If you’re on the hunt for something affordable and durable that will get the job done, ProCase is worth checking out. The carry handle on the top conveniently rotates to prop up the iPad, which eliminates the amount of extra pieces and bulk on this case. It’s made with non-toxic EVA, thick corners, and textured sides to prevent slipping. While it doesn’t have a screen protector, the raised edges help keep it safe. Some parents even purchased these for their own devices after being pleasantly surprised with the quality.

Recommended Age: Any age, from toddlers to adults.
Size: iPad 7 and 8 (10.2″), iPad Air and iPad Pro (10.5″)
Materials: EVA foam, silicone
Colors: Available in 7 colors
Pieces: One-piece case
Extra features: Handle that doubles as kickstand


Poetic TurtleSkin Case

Best Sleek Design

Some kids’ iPad cases can get a little bulky in the name of protection, but the TurtleSkin iPad Case is sleek and simple. The slip-resistant thick silicone is easy to wash and easy to install. Unique features include heat vents and a special design that deflects sound upward for better sound quality. The turtle shell design and thick corner protection helps absorb shock and keep that iPad in tip-top shape.

Recommended Age: Better suited for older kids
Size: iPad 5 and 6 (9.7″), not compatible with iPad Pro
Materials: Silicone
Colors: Black, blue, purple, and green
Pieces: One piece
Extra features: Heat vents


Feitenn 3D Butterfly

Best for Girls

Butterfly lover on your hands? Look no further. This adorable kids’ case features butterfly wings that can lay flat or be used as a stand, as well as antennae that many kids use as a handle. Parents and kids were frequently complimented when out and about with the Feitenn case, but it’s not just for show. This pretty little butterfly does a great job protecting your child’s iPad, with EVA foam for ultimate shock absorption.

Recommended Age: Best for younger kids
Size: iPad 5 and 6, iPad Air 1 and 2 (9.7″)
Materials: EVA
Colors: Eight colors
Pieces: One piece
Extra features: Adjustable wings


Fintie Case

Best for Older Kids

Fintie iPad Cases are perfect for protecting your older child’s iPad while steering clear of the oversized foam options. We love the wide array of designs, from silly to simple to beautiful. The exterior is made of synthetic leather that can easily wipe clean, while the interior is microfiber for soft protection. The iPad fits snugly inside, and the cover flips open to prop up the device. Standout features include a stylus loop and a magnetic strip for an automatic wake/sleep function.

Recommended Age: Older kids and adults
Size: iPad 5 and 6, iPad Air 2 and 1 (9.7″)
Materials: Synthetic leather and microfiber
Colors: 24 unique designs
Pieces: One case
Extra features: Stylus loop, magnetic strip, cover that can prop


SEYMAC Stock iPad

Best for Boys

If you’re handing your iPad over to a rough-and-tumble crowd, SEYMAC has you covered. This iPad case for kids has three pieces for ultimate protection, including a screen protector and a hard shell covered by a silicone shell. There are also some fun features, including an adjustable, rotating hand strap on the back for easy holding, a shoulder strap that can be used on head rests, a stylus loop, and a kickstand. We like this iPad case because it’s durable enough for very young kids but cool and functional enough for older kids and adults.

Recommended Age: Great case for kids and adults.
Size: iPad 7 and 8 (10.2″)
Materials: Silicone and polycarbonate
Colors: Eight colors
Pieces: Three pieces
Extra features: Apple pencil loop, hand and shoulder strap



Best with a Screen Protector

The LEDNICEKER Kids’ Case is a two-piece case and screen protector. The protector fits tightly over the screen, and the foam case protects the sides and back from drops and shocks. The two foldable kickstands make it easy to prop up the iPad for movies, drawing, and games. The built-in screen protector prevents scratches and cracks, and parents reported that this case lasted for years.

Recommended Age: Kids of all ages.
Size: iPad 9.7″
Materials: EVA
Colors: Seven colors
Pieces: Two pieces
Extra features: Kickstand and handle



Most Vibrant

If your child loves bright and vibrant colors, the Aceguarder iPad cases for kids come in 14 colors, including multiple rainbow options. They’re designed with a plastic bumper around the screen, a plastic inner cover around the tablet, and then further protected by a silicone layer. We also appreciated the adjustable kickstand that can be used at three different angles. Don’t be fooled by the rainbow design; parents felt that this 3-piece kids’ case was rugged and secure.

Recommended Age: All ages
Size: iPad 9.7″
Materials: Silicone and rubber
Colors: 14 different color choices
Pieces: Three pieces
Extra features: Kickstand


LTROP iPad Case

Best for Travel

Anybody who has ever traveled with kids knows that you need all the help you can get. The LTROP iPad Case features a 3D robot design on the back that doubles as a kickstand and handle. The detachable, adjustable strap is perfect for hanging on the headrest in a car or on a plane. There are three handles and round corners, making it perfect for toddlers and young kids.

Recommended Age: Best for younger kids
Size: Compatible with Apple iPad 9.7″
Materials: EVA
Colors: Seven colors
Pieces: One piece
Extra features: Detachable strap and kickstand

Quick Decision

TopEsct Shockproof – Best Overall
This tops the list as one of the best iPad cases for kids, with a tempered glass protector, lanyard, three handles, and kickstand.

Speck Case-E – Upgrade Choice
The fun, flexible arms help this iPad case hang and stand for easy viewing.

ProCase iPad Case – Best Budget Buy
The rotating handle doubles as a stand, making this anti-slip iPad case functional and affordable.


If your kids are begging to join in on the tablet craze, check out our guide making a suitable choice as well as a rundown of the best tablets for kids, both toy and electronic.

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Hannah H.

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