Amazing Videos of Child Dirt Bikers

Many parents worry about pint-sized dirt bikers. The roaring engines, the stunts, the jumps, and the speed are enough to make anyone fear for racers of any age. The fact that the participating children are as young as two is even more chill-inducing.

The kids in these videos, though, are quite competent. It’s second-nature for humans to turn their bodies in the direction they need to travel, so steering comes easily. Controlling the speed of the bike is probably the most challenging skill in dirt biking, but these racers seem to have mastered it quickly. Who knows what lies in their future in dirt-bike racing? They’re already winning trophies in dirt biking before they can ride two-wheel bicycles.

The Motocross Kids Dash for Cash relay race shows just how much fun little kids have when racing each other around a dirt track. This event was held at Lake Elsinore in Northern California. Cash does make a kid of a certain age dash even faster.

Jaydin Smart

A  motocross competitor at 4, and his 2-year-old brother Eli love to bike on their parent’s property near Sacramento, California. Jaydin has been a rider since he was two as well. He now competes in the 4 to 6-year-old class and has a trophy to prove it.

Tima Kuleshov

The two-year-old motorcycle rider, and four-year-old Makar Zheleznyak  is driving the kart as the two Ukrainian boys race around the track like pros. They may have a future in racing in the MotoGP and Formula 1 class dirt biking is popular throughout the world. Fun in the dirt is fun, no matter what country it’s in.

Kayla Yaakov

From Biglerville, Alabama, regularly chases around the dirt track at 50 to 60 miles per hour. The nine-year-old has been riding since she was five and has won a dozen championships. Her dad, Dave, rode professionally for 16 years and is an ideal coach for his speedster daughter. Kayla has won two championships, the East Coast Flat Track Series 50cc, and the AMA District 6 Flat Track Series 50cc.

Haiden “Danger Boy” Deegan

A well-known dirt bike racer. This ten-year-old from Temecula, California near San Diego has his mind made up to become a real racing champion. His parents, Freestyle moto icon and X Games 10-time medalist Brian Deegan and his wife, Marissa fully support Haiden’s ambitions. His first wins came on his 50cc. Now that he’s a big boy, he rides the 80s.

Hudson Deegan

Haiden’s brother, won his first race at the Mini Major at Milestone. Little Haiden is seven and is determined to follow in his brother’s and dad’s winning footsteps. After winning from the very first lap, he will undoubtedly get his wish. The Deegans are one talented family.

Ethan Haugen

6, is shown in this video racing at Saddleback in Renner, South Dakota. He began his racing career when he was just 5. In this race, he is pitted against racers 8 and 9. He finished third behind an 8 and a 9-year-old. If you know the difference, Ethan is riding the 5 KTM Junior Pro 50cc dirt bike.

Paul Joyce

#317, is just 5 years old, but he’s racing in round 5 of the Transworld/Muscle Milk fall series at Milestone MX recreation park in San Bernardino County, California. As in all motor racing, the driver isn’t the only star. It takes a crew to keep both driver and dirt bike racing their best. In this video, you get a rider’s viewpoint with Paul’s video shot during his race. He’s riding a Cobra 50cc dirt bike.

Hurricane Mills, Tennessee

 Home to the late Loretta Lynn and is a proving-grounds for amateur motocross riders. Watch Gage Linville, Cooper Webb, and Zach Bell battle it out to cross the finish line first and mount the podium. 

Liviu Jigmond, Jr.

6, of the Moto Extreme Club in Lugoj, Romania is a new dominant motocross star in Europe. He is the winner of the first prize in a prestigious competition in the Prundu circuit near Giurgiu. In this video, we don’t see him racing. We instead watch him continue to practice the basic moves that garnered him the title. No crowds, no cheers, no prizes, just the sharpening of skills that will continue to win championships.

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