Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, more commonly referred to as ADHD, is a disorder that prevents children from staying focused. Some ADHD experts recommend fidgets. These are toys that help children redirect their excess energy. Meanwhile, other experts recommend toys that require heightened focus, such as intricate video games and energy-releasing playthings. We checked out some of the best ADHD toys, and we are excited to share our findings!

Our Top Picks

How to Pick the Best Toys for Kids with ADHD

1. Recommended Age

According to researchers, most children demonstrate symptoms of ADHD before the age of 12. Some children demonstrate symptoms of ADHD when they are as young as 3. Make sure to choose a toy that is safe and appropriate for your child.

2. Materials

Always choose toys made from durable materials, such as plastic, metal, and wood. If your child is very fidgety, they are going to put their playthings through a lot of wear and tear.

3. Activity

Some of the toys on our list are referred to as fidgets. These toys are simple mechanisms that may click or spin. They provide children with the opportunity to release their excess energy and fine-tune their focus. These toys tend to inexpensive.

We have also found that children with ADHD are drawn to creative, open-ended, and expressive playthings. For this reason, we have included everything from moldable sand to finger puppets. Children with ADHD sometimes struggle to express their feelings. These toys may serve as a conduit for their self-expression. They may also help to calm a child who is struggling with stress or anxiety.

4. Sensory

Many children with ADHD are hyper-responsive to outside stimuli. They’re automatically drawn to sounds, visuals, and sights. Sensory toys, like Play-Doh and Kinetic Sand, can help your child satisfy their sensory cravings without losing focus.

5. Frustration Level

Look for a toy that doesn’t boast an extreme learning curve. Children learn better when they can gradually work their way up to a greater challenge. Many children with ADHD lack self-confidence. The right toy may be able to change that.

6. High or Low-Tech

Many parents are focused on finding their children fidgets can use in the classroom. We strongly advise you to stick to low-tech fidgets, as sound effects and lights will almost certainly land a toy a spot on the teacher’s desk.

Of course, video games and other high-tech toys are great in moderation. Games like Minecraft and Lego World offer expansive universes and open-ended building opportunities. Your child may find it easier to concentrate without the distractions of the outside world.

The Winners


Tom's Fidgets Flippy Chain

Best Overall / Best Toys for ADHD 6-Year-Old

Tom’s Fidgets Flippy Chain is an excellent stress reducer for children with ADHD, anxiety, and/or autism. It provides children with a silent yet satisfying way to work out their excess energy. In our humble opinion, it’s far less distracting that conventional fidget spinners. This toy consists of two gear bites linked together with a pair of O-rings and a few colorful.silicone bands. It comes in eight bright colors. For less than $10, you may be able to quell your child’s frustration in the classroom and beyond.

Rceommended Age: 3 years and up
Materials: Metal, plastic
Activity: Fidget
Sensory: Yes
Frustration Level: Low
High- or Low-Tech: Low-tech


Blast Zone Magic Castle

Upgrade Choice

The BlastZone Magic Castle allows your child to release their excess energy. It takes just 2 minutes to inflate this bounce house with the included blower. We roll it out whenever we notice our son is acting a bit restless. Sometimes, we toss in a bag of plastic balls so our children can play popcorn. This bouncer is small enough that you can put it in your living room. The durable vinyl fabric is also suitable for outside.

Recommended Age: 3 years to 12 years
Materials: Plastic
Activity: Jumping
Sensory: No
Frustration Level: Low
High- or Low-Tech: Low-tech


Trio Tangle Fidget Toy

Best Budget Buy

This Trio Tangle Fidget Toy is the perfect place for your hyperactive child to rest their idle hands. This undisruptive fidget is perfect for the classroom. The tangles can be taken apart and put back together again. The pieces are made of brightly colored, durable plastic. There are even smooth and textured varieties.

If your kiddo is super restless or fidgety, they’ll love the way their tangles pull them back to reality. The snake-like figures are small enough for tiny hands. They make excellent shelf or desk decorations when they are not being used.

Recommended Age: 1 year and up
Activity: Fidget
Sensory: No
Frustration Level: Low
High- or Low-Tech: Low-tech


Kinetic Sand

Best Sensory Sand

Kinetic Sand looks and feels like real beach sand, but it can be molded into fun shapes. This miraculous moldable substance never dries out, and it’s super easy to clean up. Your child will love sinking their fingers into this squishy, melty, substance. Kinetic sand is 98% sand and 2% polymer. Each pack includes a one-pound block of the substance, four fun molds, and a plastic sandbox. Your kiddo will find it easier to focus when they’re hands are busy putting castles made of sand together.

Recommended Age: 3 years and up
Materials: Reusable kinetic sand
Activity: Moldable substance
Sensory: Yes
Frustration Level: Low
High- or Low-Tech: Low-tech


Play-Doh's Shape-Making Machine

Best Tactile Toy

Children of all ages can enjoy Play-Doh. This Shape-Making Machine Kit comes with a handy little shape press and two cans of colorful Play-Doh. You can always grab more colors at a later date. It’s a wholesome hands-on activity that promotes focus and creativity.

We pull out Play-Doh whenever our children are overstimulated and/or stressed. We’ve even been known to mold when no one is looking. Play-Doh is nontoxic and gluten-free. You can create anything under the sun with this stress-relieving substance.

Recommended Age: 3 years and up
Materials: Plastic, nontoxic clay
Activity: Molding clay
Sensory: Yes
Frustration Level: Low
High- or Low-Tech: Low-tech


Whatz It Fidget Toy

Best for Hyperactive Kids

The Whatz It Fidget Toy consists of three colorful wooden blocks linked together by a stretchy band. It’s a discreet and satisfying fidget. The bright geometric blocks seem to make our little one’s brain tingle. We adore the way this fidget looks when it is placed on our little one’s shelf. You can twist this fidget into all sorts of shapes. Ours has held up well over several months. We’re pretty sure that is a record for out destructive children!

Recommended Age: 3 years and up
Materials: Wood
Activity: Fidget
Sensory: No
Frustration Level: Low
High- or Low-Tech: Low-tech


Melissa & Doug Hand Puppets

Best Finger Puppet Toys

This adorable set of fabric finger puppets comes from none other than our favorite Connecticut-based toy manufacturer, Melissa and Doug. We love that these expressive toys come in frustration-free packaging. The elephant, giraffe, tiger, and monkey are eager to hop aboard your little one’s fidgety fingers.

We like to keep our finger puppets in the backseat of our vehicle. Our children utilize them for screen-free entertainment on long car trips. However, our oldest children are already starting to outgrow the zoo theme.

Recommended Age: 24 months to 6 years
Materials: Fabric
Activity: Pretend play
Sensory: Yes
Frustration Level: Low
or Low-Tech: Low-tech



Best for Problem Solving

Minecraft is an expansive building experience that your child can enjoy on their Xbox 360. This game boasts infinite possibilities. Your child will not lose their patience with the new and improved interface. They lay down bricks faster and more efficiently. The new game also lets children connect with friends over Xbox Live. They can invite up to seven other kids to join in on the fun.

Minecraft is the ultimate sandbox video game for kids with ADHD. Your child can seek out their own missions or work creative projects.

Recommended Age: 5 years and up
Materials: Plastic
Activity: Video game
Sensory: Yes
Frustration Level: Medium to High
High- or Low-Tech: High-tech


GameWright Rory's Story Cubes

Story Telling Time

In our house, boredom is taken very seriously. Our children will not allow a single moment to slip through their little fingers. That’s exactly why we love Story Cubes. This pocket-sized game enables our kids to express themselves without having to clean up craft supplies or set up a complicated gameboard. This also an excellent option for screen-free family nights.

While our children often struggle to express themselves, Rory’s Story Cubes provide them with a safe and open-ended creative platform. Sometimes, we cannot believe the ideas that come out of their little mouths! The games can be completed in a short period, like no more than 15 minutes. These cubes will help your ADHD-plagued writer stave off writer’s block. While our children usually go limp when asked to come up with unique story concepts, they relish the opportunity to use their coveted storytelling dice.

Recommended Age: 8 and up
Materials: Plastic, paper
Activity: Storytelling
Sensory: No
Frustration Level: Medium to High
High- or Low-Tech: Low-tech


Spirograph 45-Piece Deluxe Design Kit

Creative and Fun

The award-winning 45-Piece Deluxe Design Kit offers hours of creative fun. Children with ADHD often struggle to find satisfying ways to express themselves. However, traditional art platforms often spawn negative thoughts and disinterest. This spirograph set enables your kids to create mesmerizing shapes and pretty designs with the help of whirling stencils.

Recommended Age: 5 years and up
Materials: Paper, plastic, ink
Activity: Drawing, design, art
Sensory: No
Frustration Level: Medium
High- or Low-Tech: Low-tech

Quick Decision

Tom’s Fidgets Flippy Chain – Best Overall
Since most children with ADHD need a discreet yet satisfying fidget that they employ during school hours, this toy takes the title as our top choice.

Blast Zone Magic Castle – Upgrade Choice
A great present option for milestone birthdays and big holidays. Your fellow ADHD parents will thank you for the playdate invitations!

Trio Tangle Fidget Toy – Best Budget Buy
If you want to stave off excess energy without breaking the bank, opt for the set of three Tangle Jr. fidgets. These snake-like toys will keep your hyperactive child satisfied for hours!


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