Our kids love settings up Mad Hatter-style tea parties in our backyard. For years, they used a collection of unloved kitchen accesories to serve cups of muddy water to lifeless stuffed animals. Only recently, we discovered that there is an entire world of toy tea sets. We dove headfirst into the endless selection of toy kettles and saucers. We’re not afraid to say that our final 11 selections are rather tea-rrific! After we invested in a new set, are kids starting picking up table manners faster than British royal-tea!

Our Top Picks

How to Pick the Best Toy Tea Set

1. Recommended Age

That 25-piece porcelain tea set may look fabulous, but is it a good match for your ferocious toddler? We trust that you will use your mommy or daddy instincts to choose age-appropriate toys for your little ones. When in doubt, opt for chunky, durable pieces when shopping for toddlers.

2. Durability

We don’t think we are alone when we say that tea sets have us spelling out F-R-A-G-I-L-E. Children love putting their toys through the wringer. That means putting playthings where they don’t belong and subjecting them to lots of abuse. If your kiddo is prone to bull-in-a-china-shop behaviors, there’s no shame in opting for a rugged plastic tea set.

3. Materials

Older children enjoy using tea sets that look and feel just like the real ones. Make sure your child is mature enough to care for the tea set you choose. Plastic, wood, and metal tend to hold up well. Ceramics and painted surfaces require more finesse. Even if your child is old enough for an authentic tea set, is there a pet or sibling that could spell out its all-too-early destruction.

4. Aesthetics

Simple and sophisticated, movie-inspired, or frilly with flowers? Tea sets come in a wide range of colors and designs.

5. Function

Do tea sets conjure up early memories for you? Most of us hosted teddy bear picnics when we were children. The sheer act of pretending to be a tea-slurping adult is enough to satisfy most preschoolers. Of course, food-safe cups and serving vessels take this activity to a whole new level. While we aren’t overly enthusiastic about high-tech toys, there are even some amazing interactive tea sets on the market.

6. Number of Pieces

Last but not least, think about the sheer size and number of pieces in your child’s tea set. Can you see yourself scouring a bottomless toy box for a missing saucer? Tea sets with storage cases automatically climbed our ranks. As boss parents, we love anything big, colorful, and indestructible.

The Winners


Green Toys Tea Set


Full disclosure: we are big fans of Green Toys. This company is putting other modern toymakers to shame. Their tea set is made from fully recycled food-grade plastic. The kit contains 17 pieces. There are enough saucers, utensils, and teacups to accommodate all your little one’s special guests. The plastics used in this set are suitable for real food. Hook your kiddo up with some milk and cookies. This kit teaches table manners with style.

Recommended Age: 2 years and up
Durability: Exceptionally Durable
Materials: 100% recycled plastic
Aesthetics: Simple solid color recycled plastic pieces
Function: Low-tech pretend play
Number of Pieces: 17 pieces


Rosanna's Tea for Me, Too Set

Upgrade Choice

Rosanna’s Tea for Me, Too Set  is the perfect heirloom toy budding for tea party enthusiasts. Each piece features subtle yet sophisticated details. The colors, which include pastel pink, blue, lavender, and apricot, are lovely. The cups and serving dishes boast ornate handles. Meanwhile, the saucers feature rounded petal edges. The kit comes in a charming hatbox. When your little one is ready to host a tea party, they can just pull this set down from a high shelf. The stoneware is perfectly suitable for real food.

Recommended Age: 36 months and up
Durability: Somewhat durable
Materials: Glazed stoneware
Aesthetics: Bright mismatched colors
Function: Pretend play
Number of Pieces: 11 pieces


Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Tea Se

Best Budget Buy

The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Tea Set will evoke excitement in the youngest members of your kid crew. This high-tech teapot makes all sorts of silly sounds and light displays. It even spouts the ABCs and polite words, such as please and thank you. Children are immediately drawn to the kettle’s bright colors and smirking face. The lightweight plastic teacups and serving bowls are built to withstand lots of expected drops. The included treat tray doubled as a counting exercise and jigsaw puzzle. This toy will instantly mesmerize your toddler. Tea time equals mommy me time with the Laugh & Learn!

Recommended Age: 18 months to 3 years
Durability: Somewhat durable
Materials: Plastic
Aesthetics: Brightly colored large plastic pieces
Function: High-tech
Number of Pieces: 11


Plan Toy Tea Set

Best Wood Tea Set

We like to imagine that the Plan Toy Tea Set is a plaything that Greta Thunberg would have enjoyed when she was just a wee earth hero. This lovely wood teapot and serving vessels are made from eco-friendly rubberwood. Each piece has a natural wood or dyed wood finish. There is no paint nor stickers to chip off the accesories.

The set is packaged in 100% recyclable materials, including paper and cardboard. Plan Toys supports your waste-free lifestyle! Our only qualm is that this tea set isn’t fit to hold actual tea. The kettle doesn’t have a functioning spout, and the cups are very shallow. Still, the accesories are sustainable, stylish, and sweet. We adore the wooden tea bags and sugar cubes.

Recommended Age: 36 months to 6 years
Durability: Exeptionally durable
Materials: Environmentally friendly rubber wood
Aesthetics: Simple combination of
Function: Low-tech pretend play
Number of Pieces: 13 pieces


Melissa & Doug Bella Tea Set

Best for Anthofiles

Is your little one obsessed with fluttery butterflies and sweet-smelling flowers? Melissa and Doug’s Bella Butterfly Tea Set is perfect for backyard tea parties and blanket-top picnics. All of the accessories are made from food-safe BPA-free plastic. Finger sandwiches and iced tea, anyone? These little cups are perfect for serving fairies and other mystical woodland creatures.

Recommended Age: 36 months to 6 years
Durability: Somewhat durable
Materials: Plastic
Aesthetics: Pink and flowerly
Function: Low-tech pretend play
Number of Pieces: 17 pieces


Alex Pretend Tea Time Kids Tea Set

Best for On the Go

The Alex Pretend Tea Time Kids Tea Set is perfect for pop-up tea parties. The pink and green saucers and cups come in a floral case, complete with a carrying handle and serving tray. Each of the four place settings includes a cup, saucer, and plate. All the accessories are durable enough to handle frequent washings. Your kid will love clinking the metal cups up against each other as they embark on a pretend tea party.

Recommended Age: 36 months to 10 years
Durability: Durable
Materials: Painted tin
Aesthetics: Green and pink with flowers
Function: Low-tech pretend play
Number of Pieces: 16 pieces


Delton Products Tea Set for two

Best Porcelain Ceramic Tea Set

The minute we saw this adorable porcelain tea set, we began belting out Doris Day tunes. “Tea for Two, and two for tea…” The clamshell sicker basket holds all the essentials needed for a two-person tea party. Soft pink gingham fabric and stretchy holders keep the ceramic cups from chipping. The pieces feature a beautiful pink and green floral pattern. The utensils are made from real metal.

Recommended Age: 6 to 15 years
Durability: Not very durable
Materials: Painted porclean ceramic, wicker, and fabric
Aesthetics: Pastel colors with floral patterns
Function: Low-tech pretend play
Number of Pieces: 14


Frozen Olaf's Summer Tea Set

Olaf has long aspired to drink iced tea in the summer. Frozen Olaf’s Summer Tea Set lets little ones enjoy a Frozen-themed tea party. Elsa and Anna are represented on the pink and blue saucers. The teacups stack underneath the teapot to create Olaf ‘s entire snowman body. While the lemon slices tend to slip off the tops of the cups, they’re a cute twist. Few children will be able to resist the urge to drink tea from the body of their favorite snowman!

Recommended Age: 36 months and up
Durability: Very durable
Materials: Plastic
Aesthetics: Frozen-inspired
Function: Low-tech pretend play
Number of Pieces: 17


Beauty & The Beast Enchanted Tea Set

The Most Mystical Tea Set

If your child is a fan of the new Beauty and the Beast movie, they’ll appreciate every last detail on this film-inspired tea set. First off, the tea kettle and accessories are made from cream-colored translucent plastic with lovely gold details. Mrs. Potts, as you may remember from the movie, is the housekeeper-turned-teapot with a soft spot for the other inhabitants of the enchanted castle. Chip is her son. He’s a chipped teacup that wobbles on his saucer. All the movie’s subtle cinematic details are represented in this durable plastic tea set. Your little movie buff won’t be disappointed.

Recommended Age: 36 months to 6 years
Durability: Very durable
Materials: Plastic
Aesthetics: Gold-lined white tea kettle with authentic details
Function: Low-tech pretend play
Number of Pieces: 8 pieces


Munchkin Bath Tea and Cupcake Set

Cutest Tea Set

This whimsical Bath & Cupcake Set from Munchkin includes a tea party setting for two and water-squirting cupcakes. The pieces are the perfect size for little hands. While the cups don’t hold water, children enjoy practicing heir pouring skills. We love that the tea kettle rattles when it is empty. While the squishy sweets may conjure up a bit of unwanted moisture, they’re adorable and entertaining.

Recommended Age: 24 months and up
Durability: Very durable
Materials: Plastic
Aesthetics: Pink, purple, and silver glitter
Function: Pretend play
Number of Pieces: 5 pieces


LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Set

Best with Party Tunes

The LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Set is perfect for preschoolers with a love of tea. It comes with a tray of flavorful treats and two teacups. The tea kettle spouts silly songs about colors and manners. Your little ones will love tipping the tea kettle to share tea with their friends and stuffed animals. The chunky plastic pieces promote motor skills. Kids can even lift the kettle’s cover to reveal a little peek-a-boo mirror inside the kettle.

Recommended Age: 12 months to 3 years
Durability: Very durable
Materials: Plastic
Aesthetics: Brightly colored plastic pieces
Function: High-tech preschool skills
Number of Pieces: 10 pieces

Quick Decision

Green Toys Tea Set – Best Overall
With the world taking a turn toward environmental consciousness, we are pleased to name Green Toys Tea Set  as our best overall.

Rosanna Tea For Me, Too – Upgrade Choice
Meanwhile, the Rosanna Tea For Me Too Children’s Tea Set’s artistic flair and durable stoneware pieces earned it the title of our top upgrade option.

Price Laugh & Learn Tea Set – Best Budget Buy
Last but certainly not least, the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Tea Set’s built-in teaching tools landed it a position as our best budget buy.


Searching for the perfect play kitchen for your toddler? Look no further! We’ve rounded up the top choices foe your easy picking. 

Hannah H.

Hannah H.

Hannah is both a parent and a freelance journalist and author. You go, girl! She is an impeccable wordsmith and her warm and witty outlook on life makes her pieces a joy to read.

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