Do you want to kill one bird with two stones? While throwing rocks is not nice and we definitely do not want to kill any birds, we may have what you’re looking for! You may want to think about getting your little one a toy cash register. This imaginative play does will not only provide them with hours of fun but it can also teach them a numerous amount of life skills.

Check out these fun facts we found. We’ve also included a reviewed list of our favorite toy cash registers, as well as some fun activities that you and your tyke can enjoy together.

Our Top Picks

FUNERICA Toy Cash Register W/ Scanner

Best Overall

Funirica Toy Cash Register W/ Scanner

Upgrade Choice

Liberty Multi-Functional Cash Register

Boley Kids Toy Cash Register

Best Budget Buy

Boley Kids Toy Cash Register

How to Pick the Best Toy Cash Registers for Kids

1. Recommended Age

Unlike other pretend play toys the recommended age for toy registers can vary but they are generally recommended for children 3-years-old and up. The reason for this is because of the possible choking hazard due to the many small grocery items that come with the set. If you have a child younger then 3, don’t fret. The do make toy registers that are designed for even those little ones. These models generally have larger buttons and have no small pieces.

2. Materials Used

While there are some wood models, plastic is the most common material used for kids toy registers. You’ll want to make sure that the toy register you pick for your child is made of non-toxic, shatterproof plastic and is ABS certified.

3. Accessories

Toy registers can come with many features and accessories. These can include realistic dollar bills and coins, grocery baskets, credit/debit card, register key, food boxes and cans, and even plastic fruits, vegetables, and meats. Some sets even take it a step further and include cooking accessories.

4. Skills Developed

Playing with a toy cash register may seem pretty straight forward yet there are a lot of educational advantages to teaching your child how to play with one. They will not only learn such math skills as adding and subtracting but they will also learn the ability to count out money. In addition to these, your child will learn hand-eye coordination, verbal communication, social interaction, manners, and money management skills through this act of role-playing.

5. Electronics

These days you can get your child a toy register with so many bells and whistles that it will feel like they are a real cashier. They may feature many different sounds and lights that mimic a cash register or even play songs and music. Some of them come with a voice intercom microphone so your child can make store announcements. They might also include such register extras as a conveyor belt, weight scale, and working calculator with a screen.

The Winners


FUNERICA Toy Cash Register

Best Overall

A grocery store and restaurant all in one! Your child can go through the various steps of choosing foods and buying them, and then go on to preparing, cooking, and serving the food. The FUNERICA Toy Cash Register comes with everything a child could need to both sell/buy foods and then cook them.

Recommended Age: 2 to 9 years
Materials Used: Plastic
Accessories: Play money
Shopping cart: Mini play stove, cookware, and food cutting vegetables, Chef hat
Skills Developed: Life skills, Roleplay, Counting skills, Social skills, Promotes healthy cooking and eating habits
Electronics: Scanner, Microphone, Calculator


Liberty Multi-Functional Cash Register

Best Budget Buy

The Liberty Multi-Functional Cash Register is an educational cash register that comes with everything a child needs for a fun shopping experience. It features a voice intercom microphone, working calculator, and credit card slot. It even makes all of the traditional cash register sounds that kids love!

Recommended Age: 3 years and up
Materials Used: Plastic
Accessories: Basket, Grocery items, Play dollars and coins, Credit card, Drawer key
Skills Developed: Social interaction, Math skills,Verbal skills
Electronics: Register lights and sounds, Calculator, Voice microphone


Boley Kids Toy Cash Register

Best Budget Buy

Your child can role-play with this realistic cash register. Customers can shop the grocery store for their boxed and canned food goods and then head to the checkout lane. The cashier can then use the working calculator for calculating their customers total and giving change. The Boley Kids Toy Cash Register also comes with a working microphone intercom so they can make announcements to customers just like in a real store!

Recommended Age: 3 years and up
Materials Used: 100% non-toxic plastics
Accessories: Play money, Basket, Play food
Skills Developed: Money management, Role-playing, Adding and subtracting, Social interaction
Electronics: Solar powered calculator, Amplified microphone, Conveyor belt, Measuring scale


Casdon Mini Market Cash Register Toy

Best Kids Grocery Cash Register

The Casdon Mini Market Cash Register Toy is a supermarket cash register that will not only provide your child with fun role play but also many hours of learning skills such as mathematics and money management, and social interaction. It has realistic features such as a conveyor belt, scale, calculator, microphone, beeping scanner, and retractable cash drawer.

Recommended Age: 36 months to 8 years
Materials Used: Plastic
Accessories: Food cans and boxes, Play paper money and coins
Skills Developed: Counting skills, Grocery store Role Play
Electronics: Electronic til with working calculator, Microphone Intercom, Batteries required


Hape Checkout Register

Best Wooden Cash Register Toy

The Hape Checkout Register Wooden Pretend is a wooden cash register that comes equipped with real store accessories such as a card reader, bar code scanner, and til drawer. Your child can use the counting beads to add up orders and write customers receipts. The register is made from wood that is sourced from an environmentally sustained forest.This wooden cash register comes equipped with real store accessories such as a card reader, bar code scanner, and til drawer. Your child can use the counting beads to add up orders and write customers receipts. The register is made from wood that is sourced from an environmentally sustained forest.

Recommended Age: 3 to 5 years
Materials Used: Non-toxic Wood
Accessories: Play cash, coins, credit cards
Skills Developed: Social skills, Counting skills, Role-Playing
Electronics: None


Fisher-Price Retro Cash Register

Best Fisher-Price Cash Register

The Fisher Price Retro Cash Register is a retro styled cash register that is designed with little ones in mind. Your child can place the numbered coins into their slots, push the right buttons, turn the crank, and watch with delight as the coins slide down the ramp, hear a bell ring, and watch the drawer pop open.

Recommended Age: 3 and up
Materials Used: Plastic
Accessories: Colored and numbered coins
Skills Developed: Color and number association,Counting skills
Electronics: None


Learning Resources Play Cash Register

Best Learning Resources Cash Register

This register can be used as a learning tool for kids that are beginning to understand the concept of money. The Learning Resources Pretend Calc Register comes with life-size money for learning currency denominations. It also has a working calculator with LCD display and a working cash drawer.

Recommended Age: 3 and up
Materials Used: Plastic
Accessories: Realistic play cash and coins
Skills Developed: Beginning math and calculator skills, Social skills, Fine motor development
Electronics: Solar powered calculator


VTech Ring and Learn Cash Register

An interactive register that is packed full of phrases, sounds, songs, and music. The VTech Ring Learn Cash Register is also a tool for teaching kids about healthy foods, colors, numbers, and counting. It includes a pretend scale, credit card slot, and usable cash drawer.

Recommended Age: 1 to 3 years
Materials Used: Plastic
Accessories: Healthy food items
Carrying basket: Credit card
Skills Developed: Encourages healthy shopping and eating, Teaches numbers and colors, Role-playing
Electronics: Built-in lights, sounds, songs, and phrases


KIDAMI Pretend Play Cash Register Toy

The Kidami Pretend Register Realistic Accessories is a multifunctional cash register with five built-in features. It has a microphone, calculator, weighing scale, conveyor belt, and credit card swiping. It has realistic register sounds such as a ‘ding’ when the drawer opens or a card is swiped. It comes with everything your child needs to get started as a cashier.

Recommended Age: 3 years and up
Materials Used: Plastic
Accessories: Basket Play food, Play bills and coins, Credit card, Drawer key
Skills Developed: Math and money skills, Communication skills, Role-play, Hand-eye coordination
Electronics: Microphone, Calculator, Register sounds

DIY, Craft and Décor: Ideas for Toy Cash Registers

Family Grocery Time

Place all of the grocery store items that came with the set in various locations around the room. Have each family member take turns browsing and choosing items. They then get in line while your child role plays the cashier and rings up each customer.

New Store Grand Opening

If your child gets bored with the grocery pieces that came in the set, have them go throughout their bedroom or house and choose items to be used for sale in the store. You can then label them with price stickers and set up a new store.

Rummage Sale Apprentice

If you are having a rummage/garage sale, why not have your child participate? Have them sit beside you with their cash register, and as each customer makes a purchase, your child can do the math on their register. This will teach them math skills and social interaction.

Snack Time!

Let your child be the customer and have them purchase their afternoon snacks or treats at the register, with their pretend money of course. This will teach them the value of everyday items that they may take for granted.

Quick Decision

FUNERICA Toy Cash Register W/ Scanner – Best Overall
While the FUNERICA teaches a child the skill of buying and selling groceries, it also teaches them the skills of preparing, cooking and serving healthy food.

Liberty Multi-Functional Cash Register – Upgrade Choice
JOYIN Smart Register takes things one step farther then the others with its ability to actually scan the grocery items barcode.

Boley Kids Toy Cash Register – Best Budget Buy
If your on a budget but want your child to have the full cash register role playing experience, then you may opt for the Liberty Imports register.


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