A day at the races in the form of a toy racetrack is an evergreen favorite with kids, but not every toy has the quality and durability to stand up to repeated use. When tracks or cars break, a set may be unusable. There’s also tracks for kids of all ages, so it’s important to make sure you’re choosing something appropriate for their needs. To help you avoid frustration and make a great pick, we looked over the 14 best race track toys for kids in 2019 to give you all the key info.

Our Top Picks

Criss Cross Crash Track Set

Best Overall

Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash

Scalextric 1:32 Slot Car Track

Upgrade Choice

Scalextric 1:32 Slot Car Track

Hot Wheels Super 6-lane Raceway

Best Budget Buy

Hot Wheels Super 6-lane Raceway

How to Pick the Best Race Track Toy

1. Recommended Age

When buying toys and gear for kids, keeping them safe and making sure they’re having a good time means adhering to recommended age ranges in many cases. It matters most for younger kids, who could be in danger of choking – if you know your 12 year old has the skills and maturity to handle a toy that’s recommended for 14, use your judgement – but it’s still a good spec to look at for any kids item.

2. Size

Some race tracks have circuits that spread out wide and take up an impressive amount of room, while others are a lot more compact. Whether you’re looking for a big track or you need to save space, being aware of a toy’s size is a good way to ensure you’re getting what you (and your child) want.

3. Batteries Needed

Not all race track toys require batteries, but some do. A lot of frustration can be prevented for both you and your kids if you make yourself aware of any battery needs and have the ones required on hand before the toy is opened – a wait for batteries feels MUCH longer with a non-operational toy in front of them.

4. Safety Hazards

It’s always essential to be aware of any safety hazards present on products your children will be using. For racing sets, the safety hazard that’s generally present (if there’s a hazard at all) is choking hazards in the form of small pieces a toddler might attempt to eat. Be aware of safety hazards and keep younger kids away from toys that are dangerous for them.

5. Accessories

Some racing sets come with a track and a car or two, while others create a whole diorama with fun accessories and toys that facilitate important pretend play. If your child already has a lot of racing toys or is a little older, a car and track may suffice – if they’re a little one, though, accessories can provide a lot of the fun.

6. Special Themes

Whether it’s Disney, Hot Wheels or Mario Kart, kids love their brands just as much as adults do. Not every track has a special theme, but some do. If your child has a special favorite fandom, race car style or other preference, you may find it reflected in a theme they’ll love, so peruse your many options.

The Winners


Hot Wheels Criss Cross Track

Best Overall

The unique 4-way loop design of the Hot Wheels Criss Cross Track makes for lots of fun crashing action in the center square. The 4 loops connect, and kids use motorized boosters to send Hot Wheels soaring through the loops and into the center for crashes. Cars make hairpin turns on 16 feet of looped track. It’s a great toy for cooperative play, because it’s big and can accommodate a number of cars. It only comes with one, though, so if they don’t have a big toy car collection, a booster pack can make this toy more fun.

Recommended Age: 4 – 8 years
Size: 3.2 x 20 x 10 inches
Batteries: None
Safety Hazards: None
Accessories: 1 car
Special Themes: Hot Wheels


Scalextric 1:32 Slot Car Track


If your child loves all things fast and furious, they’ll be utterly pleased with this 1-32 scale slot car set. It comes with 16 feet 4 inches of track, a canary yellow Camaro, and a cherry red Corvette C6. The replica race cars are sure to please your young race enthusiast. The cars boast sticky tires, magnification magnets, and durable chassis.

Your children can use the track pieces to produce four unique track configurations. Each configuration can be put together in less than 30 minutes. Slot racing is a family-friendly activity. Your child will develop confidence as they master the hand-eye coordination required to outpace the competition.

Recommended Age: 8-18 years
Size: 29 x 6 x 19 inches
Batteries: None required
Safety Hazards: None
Accessories: 2 cars
Special Themes: American Racers


Hot Wheels Super 6-lane Raceway


The Hot-Wheels Six-lane Raceway will quench your little one’s need for speed. This steep sloping six-lane track is the ideal backdrop for wholesome competition. The best part is that it folds up for easy transportation and storage. There is even an integrated storage basket that holds up to six Hot Wheels vehicles.

Pop in a few batteries, and you can listen to the announcers call the winner and even hear the crowd roar with approval. The set is large enough to accommodate multiple players. Yet, it’s also suitable for single-player fun. Finally, put your child’s massive Hot Wheels car collection to the test.

The rubbery orange pieces can withstand a lot of abuse. If you’re looking for a toy that can entertain and withstand multiple children, this is the race track for you.

Recommended Age: 5-9 years
Size: 4.25 x 36 x 15 inches
Batteries: 3 AA batteries required
Safety Hazards: None
Accessories: 1 car
Special Themes: Hot Wheels


Ultimate Dino City Garage

Best Racing Track For Toddlers

What could be more entertaining than speeding through the open jaws of a prehistoric creature? The impressive Ultimate Dino City Garage combines sports cars, dinosaurs, and maze-like parking garages. The tower is over 3 feet tall. Multiple children can send vehicles down the tracks at the same time. The tracks can accommodate as many as 50 die-cast cars at a one time.

The tower boasts multiple downward-spiraling lanes as well as a few straight shoots. There is also a hand-cranked freight elevator, a massive wrecking ball, and a crane. There are also several frightening dinosaurs lurking around the track. The structure also lights up and features sound effects.

Recommended Age: 4 – 8 years
Size: 27.9 x 20.2 x 6.2 inches
Batteries: None
Safety Hazards: None
Accessories: 50 cars
Special Themes: Dinosaurs


Max Traxxx RC Tracer Racers

Best Light Up Race Track Toy

Kids love police toys, and the Max Traxxx RC Tracer Racers gives them a chance to pursue the bad guy’s red Chevy Camaro in their Ford Mustang police cruiser. Both the track and the undercarriages of the cars glow, so cars look like they’re floating. These zippy cars are so quick that their to-scale speed is 500 MPH, and they recharge easily by plugging into battery powered controllers – parents should note that the controllers require a total of 8 AA batteries, so it would be wise to invest in NiMH rechargeable batteries to save money going forward. 

Recommended Age: 8+
Size: 43.3 x78.7 x 12 inches
Batteries: 8 AA batteries not included
Safety Hazards: Choking hazard
Accessories: 3 cars, 2 controllers
Special Themes: Police


Liberty Imports Speedway Track Set

Best Race Car Game For Girls

You don’t see a whole lot of pink racetracks, and this one has fun immersive features that make it a great pick for girls (or any child that loves the rosiest of shades). It’s simple for younger users to build, and it’s a safe toy with limited frustration that allows first time users to feel confident. Liberty Imports Speedway Track Set is decorated with trees, signs and a gas station that help kids imagine, and the bright pink Jeep has real working headlights for even more fun realism.

Recommended Age: 3+
Size: 16 x 11 x 4 inches
Batteries: 2 AA batteries not included
Safety Hazards: None
Accessories: Car, gas station, trees, signs
Special Themes: Pink


Ontel Magic Tracks

Best Glow In The Dark Race Track Toy

The unique tracks in this set are bendable in any direction and glow in the dark in four bright colors. The cars of Ontel’s Magic Tracks feature bright LED headlamps which provide additional illumination and trigger glowing action from the flexible tracks, which can be designed in just about any circuit shape your child can imagine. The pieces fit together with ease, and younger kids will feel confident creating their own courses with this set. It’s impressively large in use, but it also stores neatly and compactly after play.

Recommended Age: 3+
Size: 11.2 x 10.6 x 11.4 inches
Batteries: 2 AA batteries not included
Safety Hazards: Choking hazard
Accessories: 2 cars, trees, signs
Special Themes: Glows in the dark


Cars 3 Thunder Hollow Race Track

Kids adore the Cars movies, and this Cars 3 Hollow Race Track Set features a muddied 1:55 scale Lightning McQueen vehicle they’ll love to race. Your child can perform eight different racing loops, making it a fun track for recreating scenes from the movie – it also encourages creative play, prompting kids to tell their own stories. The cool ads and signs add to the movie-centric realism. The motorized booster of sends cars flying around the track for action fun, and the round track connects to other Disney sets for endless possibilities.

Recommended Age: 4 – 8 years
Size: 3.8 x 2.2 x 12 inches
Batteries: 4 D batteries not included
Safety Hazards: None
Accessories: 1 car
Special Themes: Disney/Cars


Hot Wheels AI Race System Starter Kit

Hot Wheels AI Race System Starter Kit isn’t quite like one we’ve seen before, but it’s very cool. 16 feet of “smart track” that’s easy to assemble in over 40 possible layouts forms a course of your child’s design, and AI racers provide a built in opponent when not racing with friends. Controllers can be used to trigger virtual “obstacles” such as an oil spill or tire blowout, with vehicles reacting as though the obstacles were real. The zippy cars are fun and easy to play with, but rough play can lead to hub caps popping off. They hold the tires together, so be careful.

Recommended Age: 8 – 15 years
Size: 24 x 4.2 x 15 inches
Batteries: 6 AA batteries not included
Safety Hazards: None
Accessories: 2 cars, 2 controllers
Special Themes: Hot Wheels


Carrera Ferrari Race Track

Carrera is a trusted brand for kids’ racing toys, and this Carrera Ferrari Race Track is fully electric track requires no batteries to thrill. It plugs right into the wall, so it’s ready to go right out of the box. The track features an awesome loop kids will want to race again and again, and the sleek, detailed cherry red Ferrari Formula 1 racers look great in action. The track features realistic racing banners and accessories, and kids will love that this track is ready to go and easy to operate.

Recommended Age: 8+
Size: 23.6 x 19.7 x 3.9 inches
Batteries: Plugs in
Safety Hazards: Choking hazard
Accessories: 2 cars, remote
Special Themes: Formula 1


Scalextric Stock Car Set

An ideal set for beginners, Scalextric Stock Car Set features customizable controllers that are easy for kids to master. 18 feet of track with 4 possible layouts gives kids different ways to race. The layout can be altered very easily in just a couple of minutes. Drivers can switch between slow and fast speeds – slow is great for younger users and first timers as they’re mastering the controls, and once they do, they can easily graduate to faster speeds. The cars are durable and magnetic, so they’re great at staying on track.

Recommended Age: 8+
Size: 75 x 52 x 4 inches
Batteries: Plugs in
Safety Hazards: Choking hazard
Accessories: 2 cars, 2 controllers
Special Themes: Stock car


MMP Living Super Snap Speedway

MMP Living Super Snap Speedway is a bright, fun pick that is great for older toddlers with a recognizable city speedway theme and visual indicators of road travel that they’re familiar with. A bridge, tunnel, lift and ramp are all opportunities for kids to use their imagination and their small motor skills, plus it engages toddler senses with plenty of bright colors. The assembly is simple for slightly older children, but little ones may need help putting this set together. Trees adorn the track for realism, and street signs feature familiar iconography that’s good for teaching kids.

Recommended Age: 3+
Size: 16.9 x 1138 x 6.3 inches
Batteries: 3 AA batteries not included
Safety Hazards: Choking hazard
Accessories: 2 cars, trees, car lift, signs, trees, bridge
Special Themes: City speedway


Haktoys Track Racer PlaySet

Compact and bright in a cheerful yellow design, Haktoy’s Track Racer PlaySet is made from three pieces which snap together easily to assemble – even younger users can typically put it together without an issue. It’s made of sturdy non toxic plastic and holds up well to toddler play. The trees and helicopter add three dimensional scenery for creative fun, and road scenery on the side of the track contributes to immersive play. This track features music, making it the only one on our list that does so.

Recommended Age: 3+
Size: 13.7 x 10.6 x 4.5 inches
Batteries: 2 AA batteries not included
Safety Hazards: Choking hazard
Accessories: 4 cars, trees, helicopter
Special Themes: None


Mario Kart Race Set

Mario Kart is an iconic childhood favorite that’s loved by almost all kids, so they’ll be psyched to race Mario and Luigi in familiar go-karts on a track that’s ready to race right out of the box. Like all Carrera GO!!! units, Mario Kart Track Set is fully electric, so users only need to plug it in for it to operate – no dead batteries, ever! The large track spreads out to allow the famous brothers to travel at impressive speeds through a loop, straightaway, junctions, sharp turns and more. It’s a fun set for the whole family to watch and play with.

Recommended Age: 8+
Size: 6 ft x 3.71 ft
Batteries: Plugs in
Safety Hazards: Choking hazard
Accessories: Mario and Luigi racers, scenery popup
Special Themes: Mario Kart

Quick Decision

Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set – Best Overall
The looping track design and motorized boosters encourage kids to experiment with cause and effect via speed and power

DMXSLOTS Exclusive Car Racing Package – Upgrade Choice
The speedy slot cars are an awesome pick for older kids

Hot Wheels 4 Lane Elimination Race Track Set – Best Budget Buy
They’ll learn about weight and motion watching the slowest cars be eliminated on this long straightaway

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