Police toys are an evergreen favorite with kids, giving them the chance to be the good guy and engage in high action play, and LEGO offers quite a few options when it comes to police building sets. From stations to vehicles and more, parents may be left perplexed about the proper pick for their peewee policeman. We took a peek at the 10 best LEGO police sets to buy in 2019 to show you the details and help you decide.

Our Top Picks

LEGO City Police Mobile

Best Overall

LEGO City Police Mobile

LEGO City Police Prison Island

Upgrade Choice

LEGO City Police Prison Island

LEGO City Police Patrol Car

Best Budget Buy

LEGO City Police Patrol Car

How to Pick the Best Lego Police Sets

1. Recommended Age

Building sets are usually sold by age levels for an important reason – they’re designed with age appropriate difficulty levels. Be sure to choose a set with an age range that’s appropriate for your child so that they can enjoy their toy safely and frustration, saving you from buyer’s remorse.

2. Difficulty Level

Building sets are also usually sold by difficulty level, although in some cases it is implied by the number of pieces. We have rated the sets on our list from beginner to advanced, but don’t worry – there’s something here for everyone.

3. Number of Pieces

Some of the sets here have relatively few pieces and wouldn’t take long for even a younger child to assemble, but others have many to keep track of. If you’d prefer a set that’s not massive (or, you’d prefer one that IS), this is an important detail to note.

4. Size

The sets listed here vary pretty widely in side when built. Your child’s play space is a factor that should inform purchasing decisions, so make sure that they have a building space that can comfortably accommodate the finish product, especially if they’d like to display it.

5. Builds

We’ve taken a look at a variety of products here, including unique buildings and mobile units. If you’re looking specifically for a station, car or other build, this is a feature you should pay attention to when making your buying decision.

6. Accessories and Figures

While building sets were designed as unisex toys, some are specifically made for girls and some are designed as Lego set for boys. Sets also come with a fair amount of accessories, while others just have a few. Accessories can be a big part of creative play for younger kids, so if they’re important to your decision, make sure you check out what else is included with the building set before you make your purchase.

The Winners


LEGO City Police Mobile

Best Overall

Here we have another fun mobile unit, but this one is feature-packed, ready to stimulate kids’ creativity in a big way. The buildable truck, LEGO City Police Mobile opens up to a more detailed mobile unit, featuring realistic police accessories like coffee cups, a laptop, walkie talkies, a flashlight, a crowbar, handcuffs and more. There’s a crook included for the cops to catch, and they’re more than prepared to do so! Imaginative play is more fun with accessories, and there’s a plethora here, so kids who like to pretend will really dig this set. 

Recommended Age: 5 – 12 years
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Number of Pieces: 375 pieces
Size: 15 x 10.3 x 2.2 inches
Builds: Mobile unit
Accessories and Figures: 2 cops, crook, barricades, bank notes, ball and chain, handcuffs, flashlight, crowbar, walkie talkies, laptop and more


LEGO City Police Prison Island

Upgrade Choice

This huge, highly detailed set features a two level police tower, a guard tower and a jail yard in a unique prison island setting. The LEGO City Police Prison Island features the jail building, a police boat and police copter as well as a boat and hot air balloon belonging to the criminals. It’s the only set on the list that’s a prison as well as a police station, and the resulting big is large and awesome to behold. The 754 piece set is better chosen for a child who isn’t a first timer, as a younger kid or inexperienced builder might feel overwhelmed.

Recommended Age: 6 – 12
Difficulty Level: Beginner – Intermediate
Number of Pieces: 754 pieces
Size: 18.9 x 14.9 x 3.7 inches
Builds: Island prison/station, boat, crook’s boat, helicopter
Accessories and Figures: 4 cops, 4 crooks, shark, hot air balloon


LEGO City Police Patrol Car

Award Name or delete

Inexpensive and extremely simple for younger children to assemble and use, this cool LEGO City Police Patrol Car features nice detail and articulation. It’s great for playing with other LEGO sets and toys and it’s a good hand eye coordination development opportunity for the younger set. It’s a nice pick for a police building toy for kids at the minimum recommended age of 5, and it’s also a good first building set for kids of any age – it’s virtually frustration free.

Recommended Age: 5+
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Number of Pieces: 92 pieces
Size: 6.2 x 5.5 x 1.8 inches
Builds: Patrol car
Accessories and Figures: 1 driver, 2 cones


LEGO Space Police Galactic Enforcer

Best lego space police sets

LEGO Space Police Galactic Enforcer is a complex model and  one of the most detailed on our list, and it’s also one of the most difficult, which means it’s not for little kids or beginners. The finished product is well worth the work of assembling the 825 pieces, making a spacecraft with remarkable heft and detailing. It’s a great figure to display once it’s constructed, although if they have the inclination to take it apart and try again, that’s possible too. The 5 mini figures included are great for storytelling, and the challenging toy makes a great family fun activity.

Recommended Age: 8 – 14 years
Difficulty Level: Intermediate – Expert
Number of Pieces: 825 pieces
Size: 22.9 x 3.4 x 14.9 inches
Builds: Space Police Galactic Enforcer
Accessories and Figures: Statue of first LEGO astronaut, Slizer, Kranxx, 3 Space Police officers, Space Police miniquad, alien strike craft and more


LEGO City Police Swamp Station

Best LEGO Swamp Police Set

Set on the water, the LEGO City Police Swamp Station features a police station as well as a real rolling off-roader. Kids can pursue the crooks’ boat in their police boat, later retreating to the realistic command room with computer, bathroom and tons of accessories. It’s a big enough set for kids to play together, with lots of accessories that encourage creative play and imagination. 

Recommended Age: 6 – 12 years
Difficulty Level: Beginner – Intermediate
Number of Pieces: 707 pieces
Size: 21.3 x 11.1 x 3.6 inches
Builds: Swamp police station
Accessories and Figures: handcuffs, cups, walkie talkies, crowbar, backpack, binoculars, bank notes, snakes, glow in the dark files, 5 swamp cops


LEGO City Police High-Speed Chase

Best lego police car

This set features everything kids will need to enact their own high speed chase. They’ll build a cool police copter with blades that actually spin as well as a speedy police cruiser and a sharp sports car full of stolen loot. The LEGO City Police High-Speed Chase buildable barricades stop crooks, allowing the cops to recover the stolen bank notes and take the criminals into custody. It’s an action packed set that works well with other LEGO figures and structures as a backdrop for the hot pursuit. 

Recommended Age: 5 – 12 years
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Number of Pieces: 294 pieces
Size: 5 x 10.3 x 2.8 inches
Builds: Helicopter, pursuit car, sports car
Accessories and Figures: 2 cops, pilot, crook, bank notes, barricade


LEGO City Police Station Helicopter

Best lego city police station

The LEGO City Police Station is a bit more advanced. This awesome three story station features a watch tower, a dynamite blow-in wall where crooks can infiltrate, a police cruiser and copter for active pursuit and a shady truck belonging to the crooks. A friendly police dog helps the four officers capture the bad guys as they attempt to break in. It’s another set that’s on the large side without being too difficult, so it’s great for sharing – an opportunity for multiples to benefit from the benefit of construction play.

Recommended Age: 6 – 12 years
Difficulty Level: Beginner – Intermediate
Number of Pieces: 894 pieces
Size: 18.9 x 14.9 x 4.4 inches
Builds: Station, cop car, pursuit car, motorcycle
Accessories and Figures: 4 cops, 3 crooks, police dog


LEGO City Police Bulldozer

Perhaps the height of police action, a busted heist scene lets kids cuff and haul off some robbers with an, uh, interesting idea… robbing the bank with a bulldozer. Though they try to drag the safe away, the the male and female officers and police dog swoop in and save the day, busting it open and recovering the bank notes. The two story bank structure of the LEGO City Police Bulldozer that’s being held up is detailed and realistic with translucent windows and the bulldozer is a quirky vehicle for the crooks that will make kids laugh.

Recommended Age: 5 – 12 years
Difficulty Level: Beginner – Intermediate
Number of Pieces: 561 pieces
Size: 21.3 x 11.1 x 3.1 inches
Builds: Bank, police van, bulldozer, helicopter
Accessories and Figures: Bank notes, cop, pilot, 2 crooks, police dog, safe


LEGO Police Boat Patrol

An ideal pick for younger users, the LEGO Police Boat Patrol has a sleek finished product but features only 200 pieces, meaning it’s a frustration free assembly experience for most kids, even first timers. Despite the low piece count, it’s still detailed, articulated and lots of fun, including capture accessories that make busting the bad guys a blast. It includes the crooks’ motorboat and some criminals to catch. It’s the right size to be a great bath or pool toy for a younger kid, and it can factor in to a lot of pretend adventures.

Recommended Age: 5 – 12 years
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Number of Pieces: 200 pieces
Size: 15 x 10.3 x 2.8 inches
Builds: Boat plus crook’s boat
Accessories and Figures: 2 cops, 2 crooks, anchor, buoy, life preserver, chain


LEGO Police Mobile Command Center

The LEGO City Police Mobile Command Center is all the action of the station plus all the action of the road. This set allows your child to build the mobile command unit, which starts as a truck but opens to reveal mobile surveillance gear, 2 cops and even a cute police dog. The command center is in pursuit of the crooks’ buggy, where stolen bank notes can be recovered, and an additional police motorcycle can help stop the bad guys in their tracks. There’s a lot of action vehicles here, which can help younger kids with cognitive development and understanding motion. 

Recommended Age: 6 – 12 years
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Number of Pieces: 374 pieces
Size: 15 x 10.3 x 2.8 inches
Builds: Command center, motorcycle, pursuit car

DIY, Craft and Décor: Ideas for lego police sets lovers

Lego Police Party

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police hat craft

If you want the perfect police hat for your kids to wear during their LEGO play, or just a fun and inexpensive craft that little ones can do with help, check out this sweet felt hat from Life Over C’s.

lego halloween costume

Need a last minute costume that actually looks super cool? Let Chelsea at Lovely Indeed show you how to make a Lego brick costume that you won’t believe can be slapped together in under an hour(plus dry time) AND can be made in your child’s favorite color.

Quick Decision

LEGO City Police Mobile – Best Overall
There’s lots of accessories, so police play feels immersive and there are plenty of storytelling opportunities

LEGO City Police Prison Island – Upgrade Choice
It’s the only set on the list that features a prison theme, and the finished product is large, detailed and would be cool to display

LEGO City Police Patrol Car – Best Budget Buy
Not only is it inexpensive, it’s a great pick for a younger user or first time builder because it’s both simple and fun


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