Laser blasters will help you replace those traditional foam and rubber missiles with invisible laser beams. With a quality set, you can skip out on visits to pricey pay-to-play laser tag arenas. While we aren’t particularly fond of violent games, laser tag combines tactical combat and target shooting to create a healthy and entertaining outdoor physical activity. We were super excited to check out some of the more popular laser tag models on the market. We have to admit that we had a blast testing out these family-friendly shooting games. In the list below, you’ll find 11 fabulous laser tag sets.

Our Top Picks

Nerf Official: Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX

Best Overall

Nerf Official Lazer Tag LTX

ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Blasters

Upgrade Choice

ArmoGear Laser Tag Blasters

Dynasty Toys Four-Piece Laser Tag Set

Best Budget Buy

Dynasty Toys Four-Piece Laser Tag Set

How to Pick the Best Laser Guns

1. Recommended Age

Laser tag is a thrilling game that is fun for the entire family. However, if you are shopping for young kids, we recommend that you opt for a kit that includes guns with built-in sensors. We find that most young children do not enjoy wearing bulky tactical vests, as the straps and clips can be very uncomfortable. Young children also tend to enjoy simple missions. Ammo and life count meters can complicate gameplay. Focus on finding guns with bright lights and brilliant sound effects.

Older children are more likely to get board with one-dimensional missions. If your children are 10 and older, opt for more tactical laser blasters. Older children tend to be more accurate shooters. As such, they will appreciate guns with 100- to 200-foot shooting ranges. Loud or flashy guns may detract from stealthy missions. Older children may also enjoy more intense game constraints, such as ammo and life limits. Special effects, such as built-in communication devices and tactical vibrations, will help laser tag feel more like a real video game and less like a game of schoolyard tag.

2. Number of Laser Guns

This is a super easy determiner. More guns equal more players. Do you need to satisfy an only child or an entire neighborhood of children? We prefer sets that promote optional multiplayer gameplay. We also love the option to take part in single-player target shooting sessions. Some sets can be combined so that there is no limit to the number of players in each battle. When it comes to laser tag, more is better. This is a game for kids and fun parents.

3. Special Effects

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4. Key Feature

We’ve come across guns that produce some pretty realistic missile sounds, light effects ,and tactical vibrations. These elements are great for older children who want to act out their favorite video games. However, they can be disheartening to young children who are already apprehensive about playing in the dark.

Some guns also have onboard life and ammo meters. These elements help players to keep track of their game stats without losing their battle momentum. Some guns also enable platers to fine-tune their weapons to create dynamic and unexpected attacks. For example, many of the laser blasters on our list feature four or more ammunition settings. Players can switch between rapid-fire machine gun projectiles or powerful rocket shots. We’ve even come across guns with dynamic invisibility and defense modes. Today’s laser blasters are more realistic than ever before.

5. Battery Life

Most of the laser guns that we came across required AAA or AA batteries. We only detected a few accessories that could be charged through a traditional power source. Since conventional batteries can be quite a nuisance, we recommend that you invest in a quality set of rechargeable batteries. Keep in mind that battery life varies considerably between brands.

Most alkaline batteries offer 1,000-milliamp-hours of power or 9 hours of gameplay. Of course, all that depends on the actual voltage of the laser guns and sensors. Kids should be able to squeeze quite a few laser tag missions into the life of a single set of batteries. Keep in mind that batteries are going to be a persistent expense for most laser tag sets. A laser gun kit may require two to six batteries. Multiply that number by the number of guns in your kit to estimate how many batteries you will be buying.

6. Shooting Range

Short-range guns are ideal for indoor arenas. Meanwhile, long-range rifles are preferred for outdoor laser tag battles. Older children tend to be more accurate when sending out long-range laser missiles. We found that some guns were not as accurate at distances over 100 feet. Most of the blasters we examined were capable of hitting targets from distances between 100 and 300 feet.

Some products feature dynamic ammo options. Be sure to play around with your weaponry to ensure you are getting the most accuracy out of your shots. Rocket blasters just don’t have the same feel as regular pistols. Test the range and accuracy of your weapons before starting an official mission.

The Winners


Nerf Official: Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX

Best Overall / best laser tag set

This is what Nerf guns look like without the incredibly annoying foam bullets! The Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX are perfect for kids and adults over the age of 8. They have video game-inspired strength and ammo bars, enabling players to keep track of their game stats without giving away their location. Lights, sounds, and vibrations let you know when you’ve been hit. Players can start with 10 or 25 shots. When they run out of ammo, they can use the guns’ unique reload feature to re-up their guns.

The laser blasters have built-in sensors. As such, there is no need for players to wear a vest during games. Eco-friendly parents will love the recyclable cardboard packaging. Kids will love joining their besties in a nighttime laser battle. There are four guns in this kit. Each gun has a 300-foot shooting range. You do the math! We just hope you have a football field that you can occupy.

Each gun offers four unique ammo modes. Your kids can finally battle it out without any physical contact. Teams can consist of single or multiple players. Kids can hone their problem-solving skills as they embark in real-time combat.

Recommen ded Age: 8 years and up
Number of Laser Guns: Four
Special Effects: Noises, lights, tactical vibrations
Battle Modes: Four gun modes (Pistol, shotgun, machine gun, and rocket)
Battery Life: Depends on brand
Shooting Range: 300 feet


ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Blasters

Upgrade Choice / Best Laster Tag Set with Vests

ArmoGear is our go-to company for traditional laser blasters and vests. ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Blasters boast night vision flashlights, voice-guided instructions, and nearly 150-foot shooting ranges. The vests and guns are color-coded. Since the guns double as light beam receivers, you’ll have no trouble accommodating kids who hate wearing bulky accessories.

The kit doesn’t come cheap, but it offers hours of healthy entertainment. Our kids said that their laser guns were as good as video games. Kids love choosing their ammo. The sound effects and tactile vibrations help get their little hearts pumping.

We wouldn’t consider taking a camping trip without our ArmoGear set. Our neighbors have even bought their kids a set of their own so that they participated in neighborhood tournaments.

Recommen ded Age: 8 years and up
Number of Laser Guns: 4
Special Effects: Lights, sounds, tactical vibrations
Battle Modes: 5
Battery Life: Requires disposable batteries (depends on the brand)
Shooting Range: 150


Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set

Best Budget Buy

The Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set infringes on your tight budget. The kit comes with
four laser blasters with built-in infrared sensors. No ugly, uncomfortable pinnies or vests are worn during Dynasty’s carefully curated laser battles. Each laser blaster has a blocking, reload, and various ammo functions. There is a light-up health bar on the side of each laser weapon. There’s no limit to team sizes. This unique laser gun set can even be paired with Dynasty’s Jukibot Robot for an even more thrilling mission option.

Recommen ded Age: 5 and up
Number of Laser Guns: 4
Special Effects: Sounds, lights, tactical vibrations
Battle Modes:
Battery Life: Each gun requires four AAA batteries
Shooting Range: 120 feet


Laser X 88016 Laser Gaming Set

Each Laser X gun has a 200-foot range, making this toy perfect for expansive outdoor arenas. Of course, the non-visible infrared light rays are perfectly suitable for inside the house too. If you are looking to get your kid off the couch and away from their video games, Laser X 88016 Laser Gaming Set is a perfect toy. These guns produce realistic blasting sounds and colorful light shows when they are blasted. There are even solo gameplay options and a variety of two-person battle modes. Players get no more than 10 shots before having to reload their weapons.

The Laser X comes are small enough to fit in small hands.

Recommended Age: 5 and up
Number of Laser Guns: 2
Special Effects: Sounds, lights, tactical vibrations
Battle Modes:
Battery Life:
Shooting Range: 200 feet


Power Your Fun Laser Launchers

Best with light up

The Power Your Fun Laser Launchers enable your kids to put on an awe-inspiring backyard light show. The kit comes with two adorable light-up UFOs and a pair of powerful laser blasters. Children must launch their hovering targets into the air and then use their laser blasters to shoot them down. Full disclosure: they don’t fall!

The guns also boast built-in sensors. As such, children can always switch it up and enjoy a typical game of one-on-one laser tag. Kids can choose between different laser blaster ammo mode to fine-tune their attacks. Children don’t have to weigh themselves down with uncomfortable target vests. Since the hovering UFOs can be recharged, you only need to buy batteries for the laser blasters.

Recommended Age: 6 and up
Number of Laser Guns: 2
Special Effects: Hovering drones with LED lights, tactical vibrations, and lots of fun sound effects
Battle Modes: 2 (target shooting and traditional battles)
Battery Life: Guns require four AAA batteries, drones are rechargable
Shooting Range: 130 feet


Dynasty Toys Light-Up Capture the Flag

Best Home Laser Tag Set

Our childhood capture the flag games will forever hold a special place in our heart. However, we’ve come to realize that our children are looking for games that closely resemble their favorite video games. Dynasty Toys’ Light-Up Capture the Flag Kit meshes together our favorite field game and laser tag to create a one-of-a-kind nighttime experience.

This kit includes a cool pair of dynasty cubes, four flashing barrier lights, and two laser guns. You already know this game works. There is no limit to how many players can join in on the fun. However, each team can only appoint a single marksman.

Parents and kids can work together to come up with fun battle strategies. We love that flashing barrier keep players contained within a single rectangular playing field. You can spend less time worrying about your kids, and more time plotting revenge on your opponents. This is a great excuse to get outside and stretch your legs on summer nights.

The guns only put out infrared lights. As such, there is no need for eye protection. Players can change the color of the dynasty blocks to switch up teams. The guns can be used to shoot down an opponent’s dynasty cube. Just be sure to choose your stealthiest team player as your marksman. You’ll never look at capture the flag the same again.

Recommended Age: 5 and up
Number of Laser Guns: 2
Special Effects: Color-changing lights and sounds
Battle Modes: Unlimited
Battery Life: Cubes and guns take AAA batteries
Shooting Range: 120 feet

Quick Decision

Nerf Official Lazer Tag  LTX Taggers – Best Overall
 Our editor’s pick and the best laser tag set,are perfect for four-person laser battles. You’d be hardpressed to find a laser blaster with a more Thatexpensive shooting range!

ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Set – Upgrade Choice
Your quintessential four-person laser blaster and vest combo kit. 

Dynasty Toys’ four-piece Laser Tag Set – Best Budget Buy
Finally, if you’re looking to cut back on your toy spending, check out Dynasty Toys’ four-piece Laser Tag Set. You get lots of mission options, and you won’t have to exclude anyone. The shooting range on these is pretty phenomenal too.

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