Kites represent everything that is good about childhood.  Picture them staring awestruck into the majestic sky, whiling away the hours as their small hands deftly learn to read and coordinate with the wind. It’s a magical moment for sure. 

But wait: pick a badly made or inappropriate model and things will come crashing down to earth, fast – assuming they even get it off the ground!

We spent over 30 hours on kite-hobbyist forums, and scoured hundreds of customer reviews. The result is this super-picky selection of only the best kites for kids. You’ll find beginner and stunt kites of all sizes, shapes, and colors. Happy flying!

Our Top Picks

Editor's Choice Best Kites for Kids

Best Overall

Ulysses Single-Line Delta Kite

Upgrade Choie Best Kites for Kids

Upgrade Choice

Prism Nexus Dual-line Stunt Kite

Best Budget Buy Best Kites for Kids

Best Budget Buy

aGreatLife Huge Rainbow Kite

How to Pick the Best Kite for Kids

1. Recommended Age

Always a factor with toys and gear for kids, knowing the recommended age for a kite ensures that your child will be able to use it easily. It’s important to cross-reference this with the skill level, but all the kites on our list are okay for first timers. A kite that’s intended for “little kids” may bore or embarrass an older child, while a sportier delta kite may be too complex and not interesting to the younger set.

2. Type

There are many types of kites, but we’ll focus on the three we cover here – delta, 3D and miscellaneous. We’ve listed miscellaneous kites as those that don’t explicitly conform to the delta, 3D or classic forms. A delta kite is great for doing tricks. Shaped like a wide isosceles triangle with a curved bottom leg, younger users can learn on these kites while older ones can learn skillful maneuvers. 3D kites can take many shapes, tend to have a more complex assembly and can require finesse to get into the sky, but can be flown by beginners and come in models for children with fairly easy assembly.

3. Color and Style Options

There are lots of bright, fun and colorful designs available in the world of kites, and even individual kite styles are sometimes available in several color schemes. If you’re looking to match a child’s favorite color, show team spirit or pick a favorite theme, you’ll want to be aware of color and style choices when shopping for kites.

4. size

Kites come in a wide range of sizes, so you’ll want to make sure you’re getting one that meets your expectations. Kids may be disinterested in a kite that’s too small for their age range, but may struggle to set up and fly one that’s too large, so size should be noted in conjunction with age range and skill level as the most practical considerations in your purchase.

5. includes

Some kite sets have more features than others by a long shot. It’s important to know what’s included when buying a kite for your child so that you’re not caught off guard without the necessary accessories. All the kites on our list come with a spool and string at a bare minimum, but lengths of string and other accessories vary. The inclusion of the right accessories makes kite use a lot more convenient and may be a significant factor in this decision.

6. Skill level

Kites are flown by people of all ages, from childhood and beyond, at skill levels ranging from beginner to advanced. All of the kites on our list are safe for beginners to use, but some have features that intermediate users will also enjoy. If your kids aren’t new to kites, you might want to consider a sportier model that’s also adult friendly – they’re great, sturdy kites for learning tricks.

Red and white kite for kids.

The Winners


Best Overall

Great for both kids and adults, the Ulysses Single-Line Delta Kite has extra strong anti tangle line that makes getting the kite in the air and recovering from crashes a breeze. The high grade resin frame is extremely sturdy, and the kite features 2 spare rods and a spare tail as well as bonus connectors that make life much easier for parents and distinguish it from other models. The tails aren’t attached, but they’re simple enough for a kid to add, which is another bonus.

Recommended Age: 8+
Color and Style Options: 5 colors; blue, green, pink, rainbow, blue/red
Type: Delta
Size: 60 x 32 inches with 8.5 ft tails
Skill Level: Beginner – Intermediate
Includes: Kite; spool with 200 ft of extra strong anti tangle string; cross strut spare; bonus spare connectors and tail; durable storage bag with carry handle


upgrade choice

The Prism Nexus Dual-Line Stunt Kite is a sharp looking kite that’s great for learning, but is built to do fanciful tricks. Intermediate users will find learning sport flying simple thanks to the durable construction of this classic delta kite that allows it to hold up despite crashes. It’s great for a period of skill transition in young kite flyers who’d like to be doing a little bit more than a classic kite will allow.

Recommended Age: 10+
Color and Style Options: Red and neon green; rainbow
Type: Delta
Size: 32 x 64 inches
Skill Level: Beginner – Intermediate
Includes: Kite; string and spool with winder; travel case


The AGreatLife Huge Rainbow Kite is easy for parents or older kids to assemble and beginners to use, but intermediate users will also have fun with this kite which can be used for trick flying. The windsock is already attached, which is convenient for little users who might otherwise have trouble adding it on.

Recommended Age: 3+
Color and Style Options: One style; rainbow
Type: Delta
Size: 42 x 55 inches
Skill Level: Beginner – Intermediate
Includes: Kite with preattached side rods and windsock; spine rod; cross rod; spool with 50 m string


The fun, creative Premier Arianna Mermaid Kite is one girls will love. With a unique windsock “tail” design, Arianna takes flight with an impressive enclosed string length of 300 ft. Assembly is frustration free, which is great for younger users, and the beachy design is awesome for bringing along on a trip to the ocean or water.

Recommended Age: 10+
Color and Style Options: One style; mermaid
Type: Delta
Size: 46 x 90 inches
Skill Level: Beginner
Includes: Kite with windsock; spool with 300 ft of 30 lb string and winder


He is dino, hear him roar – this sturdy fiberglass framed Premiere Kites T-rex Dinosaur is sure to delight little dino lovers(don’t count the girls out here, dinosaurs are for everybody). T-Rex is massive, strong and assembles easily, and he’s accompanied by 300 ft of 30 lb string. This is a good kite for little ones to adjust to flying a delta, but it’s not really a trick kite. It’s available in green or blue with orange and yellow accents.

Recommended Age: 10+
Color and Style Options: One style; dinosaur, 2 colors; green/orange/yellow, blue/orange/yellow
Type: Delta
Size: 46 x 90 inches
Skill Level: Beginner
Includes: Kite with windsock, spool with 300 ft of 30 lb string


When it comes to things that are fun, three is nearly always better than one, and so is the case with this 3 pack that’s perfect for multiple kids and family excursions. These extra large Hengda Octopus Kites come in a variety of fun colors and are easy for beginners to get off the ground and keep in the air. They’re safe for users over 3, so they’re perfect for including the littles in family kite flying. They’re beginner kites that aren’t meant for tricks, so they’re a great first time choice for small kids.

Recommended Age: 3+
Color and Style Options: 3 pack in 3 styles; Red/blue/green, multi-color jewel tones, red/purple/orange “camo”
Type: Misc
Size: 31 x 157 inches
Skill Level: Beginner
Includes: 3 kites, spools and string, carrying pouches


Kids have loved Batman for decades, and this Batman kite by Nicely Home brings the heroic fun outdoors with a stylish black and neon green kite that’s perfect for kids age 6 and up. They’ll love the recognizable Batman symbol, and the big kite is easy to set up and simple for kids to fly. The fun theme is a good way to get younger kids outside and interested in kite flying, which works to both their physical and mental benefit.

Recommended Age: 6+
Color and Style Options: One style; black and neon green Batman theme
Type: Misc
Size: Dimensions not provided – large
Skill Level: Beginner
Includes: Kite, spool with string, structure rods, carrying case


This mid sized Hengda Lotus Flower Kite is just right for either a child or an adult. It’s a classic delta kite that both beginning and intermediate users can enjoy easily with an eye-catching design that’s cheerful and happy. It’s really strong for a fairly inexpensive kite, so it’s a good one for first timers – you can crash it a lot and it continues to hold up fairly well. The tails and windsock are attached and the setup is simple, so you’re only minutes away from flight when opening the package.

Recommended Age: 8+
Color and Style Options: Two styles; broad rainbow stripe, thin rainbow stripe
Type: Delta
Size: 42 inch width
Skill Level: Beginner – Intermediate
Includes: Kite; spool with string


3D kites can be magnificent, and the IMAGE3D Giant Dolpin Kite doesn’t disappoint. Absolutely massive at 6.29 ft with a 10.66 ft tail, the gorgeous dolphin kite soars through the air in your choice of black, red or blue models. The setup is simple despite the complex appearance of the kite, it’s really sturdy and inexpensive for a 3D model and it’s an amazing addition to beach trips that will delight onlookers.

Recommended Age: 6+
Color and Style Options: 3 colors; black, blue, red
Type: 3D
Size: 6.29 x 2.7 x 0.89 ft + 10.66 ft tail
Skill Level: Beginner – Intermediate
Includes: Kite; tail; spool with 200 ft of kite string; storage bag

kids kite

FAQs: All you need to know

Q How does using kites benefit kids? 

A Activities that get children outside improve sensory skills, attention span and immunity in addition to offering the physical and mental benefits of exercise. Flying kites teaches hand eye coordination, problem solving and small motor skills, it’s a great cooperative play activity and offers the important confidence boost that accompanies learning a new skill.

QHow do I know which kite to choose for my child? 

A As we mentioned when discussing the key features, the three most practical considerations when choosing a kite for your child are recommended age, skill level and size. The most essential things are that it’s a kite that’s designed for your child’s age and ability that’s in a size they want and can handle – type, color and accessories are a bit more negotiable.

Q What accessories might I consider buying for my child’s kite? 

A While all the kites listed here have the basics for flying right out of the package, items like carabiners, flying gloves and kite anchors can be functional and fun, Carabiners can be used to add extra “laundry” (things like windsocks and tails) to the kite string without weakening the line. Flying gloves offer comfort while flying and prevent line burn when using a winder. A kite anchor corkscrews into the ground to let your child’s kite fly beautifully once it’s captured that perfect breeze. 

Quick Decision

Delta Single Line Kite – Best Overall
It’s an excellent first serious bow for beginners and intermediate users, especially for learning tricks.

Prism Nexus Dual-line Stunt Kite – Upgrade Choice
It’s for both kids and adults, so it’s an ideal kite to grow into and the resin frame and spare parts make it a standout option.

aGreatLife Huge Rainbow Kite – Best Budget Buy
The fun rainbow design and conveniently pre-attached windsock are fun additions to this inexpensive but sturdy learning kite.

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