Whether you are a homeschooling mama, a father looking for a fun afternoon activity, or just in dire need of a toy that will keep a group of young ‘uns occupied for a few hours, an archeological digging kit will hit the spot. Just like other science sets the  archaeological kit encompass a wide range of subjects and encourage exploration by hiding everything from fossils to crystals within a plaster brick. Let’s dig into the topic so you can pick the best archaeology kit for your kiddo.

Our Top Picks

How to Pick the Best kids Archaeology Kit

They’re messy, they’re fun, and they’re a great way to spend an afternoon, what else is there to know? Before you shop, check out these tips on what to look for so that your purchase doesn’t end up unused and buried in a closet.

1. Recommended Age

Archeological dig kits have a wide range of difficulty. Some sets will be easy to break apart while others may take hours and require more finesse with the provided tools. Some purchases will contain small parts that can become choking hazards the hands of younger kiddos.

In order to purchase a toy that will be enjoyable-and safe-for your child, be sure to check and adhere to the manufacturer’s age guidelines.

2. Archaeology Kit Type

Is your budding scientist into dinos or gems? Actual fossils or recreated relics? Archeology dig sets have all types of themes to choose from. Picking one that appeals to your little one can do wonders to encourage their curiosity and make learning more fun than chore-like.

3. Display Options

If your young savant wants to display the fruits of her expeditions, you’re in luck. Plenty of dig sets come with options to show off and/or assemble the treasures that have been unearthed. Keep an eye out for kits that let your child build models out of the recovered ‘bones’ or stone recovery sets that come with a cute display case.

4. Included Tools

Most archaeological kits will come with instruments designed to dig through the plaster bricks without damaging the hidden treasure. Typical tool sets consists of things like a mini-pick, brush, or scraper, but it’s always good to take inventory of what is in the package of your purchase. Pro-tip, if the kit doesn’t include safety glasses, it’s worth picking some up before your littles start their work.

5. Number of Fossils/Rocks/Relics

Some kits will only have one or two items while others will contain a small treasure trove. If you are having a group archaeological dig, it’s probably wise to get a set with enough fun finds to go around. If you think your kiddo will grow impatient from the task of chipping away at a plaster brick searching for that seventh crystal, you might want to err on the side of caution and pick her up a set with only a handful of buried trinkets, or even just one or two large ones.

6. Extra Features

If your little scientist has just as much of a zest for learning as she does for digging, you might want to seek out a product that can offer further enrichment. Some kits will include extra information about your kiddo’s trophies or even come with additional activities to explore their dig site, artifacts, and the history that brings everything together.

The Winners


iSTONE Gemstone Dig Kit

Best Overall

Our pick for Editor’s Choice, the iSTONE Gemstone Dig Kit is full of activities and additional science experiments. Your young scientist will love cracking  and chipping away to find its secrets. It contains gemstone that could be identified according to illustration which can helps young Scientists to know what they found.

Recommended Age: 8+ years
Archaeology Kit Type: iSTONE Jewelry
Included Tools: Dig Brick / Chisel / Brush /Magnifying Glass
Display Options: n/a
Extra Features: 16-Page, full-color learning guide illustrates how gemstones are formed.


Ultimate Dinosaur Science Kit

Upgrade Choice

Odds are, your kiddo will pretty much be sold once the words “Who wants to dig up dinosaur poop?” come out of your mouth. But that’s not all our Upgrade Choice has to offer. Its maker of the Ultimate Dinosaur Science Assemble, Discover with Dr. Cool, is an award-winning brand that delivers an interactive experience that can last for hours with this science set, its extra activities, and genuine buried fossil finds.

Recommended Age: 6 – 15 years
Archaeology Kit Type: Paleontology (Dinosaur)
Included Tools: Brush / Chisel / Magnifying Glass
Display Options: n/a
Number of Artifacts: 3
Extra Features: Activity booklet, dinosaur guide


4M Crystal Mining Kit

Best Budget Buy

Our Best Budget Buy, 4M Crystal Mining Kit comes in at under $12 while still delivering several beautiful (and real!) crystals. The plaster brick is substantial enough to make digging an enjoyable challenge, and the included tools will do an adequate job of unearthing all those hidden stones (you might want to bring your own brush, though). Some of the buried minerals include quality samples of quartz, amethyst, and agate crystals.

Recommended Age: 5+ years
Archaeology Kit Type: Geology
Included Tools: Magnifying Glass / Brush / Digging Tool
Display Options: Includes display case
Number of Artifacts: 8
Extra Features: Fun-fact sheet


Toysmith Dig A Dino Excavation Kit

Best dinosaur excavation kit

Our pick for Best Dinosaur Excavation Kit, Toysmith Dig A Dino Excavation Kit, this purchase includes models of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, and Triceratops each in their own separate plaster bricks. Some parents have reported that the plastic tools are a little flimsy but find that the end result of the completed dino-models makes having to break out a small flathead screwdriver well worth it.

Recommended Age: 8+ years
Archaeology Kit Type: Paleontology (Dinosaur)
Included Tools: Brush / Hammer / Chisel
Display Options: “Bones” snap together to form skeleton model
Number of Artifacts: 1 disassembled skeleton per kit
Extra Features: Kidz Quiz sheet.


Dan & Darci Mega Gem Dig Kit

Best gem stone excavation kit

It didn’t take long for us to bestow the title of Best Gem Stone Excavation Kit onto the Dan & Darci Mega Gem Dig Kit. The polished gems are nicely sized and the brick isn’t overly challenging for kids to chip away at. Coming in at under $20, this is a fun and educational way for your little savant to spend a few hours.

Recommended Age: 8+ years
Archaeology Kit Type: Geology
Included Tools: Chisel / Magnifying Gass / Brush / Mallet
Display Options: n/a
Number of Artifacts: 15
Extra Features: Instructions, Gem identification guide


Smithsonian Diggin' Up Dinosaurs T-Rex

Best Smithsonian Kit

The Smithsonian Diggin’ Up Dinosaurs T-Rex features a soft plaster brick that is easy for young scientists to chisel through. Many parents note that it would be wise to keep a few of your own tools handy, as the included hammer and chisel might not hold up through the whole project. That said, we still have labeled this the Best Smithsonian Kit due to its ability to engage kids and the quality of the buried “bones”.

Recommended Age: 8+ years
Archaeology Kit Type: Paleontology (Dinosaur)
Included Tools: Hammer / Chisel / Magnifying Glass / Brush / Safety Goggles
Display Options: Bones assemble into T-rex model
Number of Artifacts: unlisted
Extra Features: Informative poster


GeoCentral Egypt Mummy Excavation

Best Mummy Excavation Kit

Although we wish the GeoCentral Egypt Mummy Excavation came with better digging tools, we found that the included relics were unique enough to award it with our Best Mummy Excavation Kit badge. The plaster isn’t overly challenging to chisel through, with many parents reporting that their kids finished within a few hours and had a blast doing so. Once unearthed, the detailing on the sarcophagus and mummy make them fun display pieces for your budding archeologist’s room.

Recommended Age: 6+ years
Archaeology Kit Type: Ancient Egyptian
Included Tools: Pick / Brush
Display Options: Can display sarcophagus and mummy
Number of Artifacts: 2
Extra Features: Gauze to wrap mummy in


Born Toys Backyard Explorer Kit

Best archeologist costume

Now that you have found the best archaeology kit for your young one, it’s time to make sure she dresses for success. Your little explorer will feel empowered when she puts on this safari hat and cargo vest. Plus, the many included accessories will enable her to investigate and interact with her environment. The Born Toys Backyard Explorer Kit is an excellent gift to encourage both pretend play and real exploration.

Recommended Age: 4 – 10 years

Quick Decision

iSTONE Gemstone Dig Kit – Best Overall
The excavation of these Egyptian relics is challenging enough to keep your kiddo interested without frustrating her, and the wide range of activities in the included book will keep the fun going even after the tools are put away.

Ultimate Dinosaur Science Assemble – Upgrade Choice
The price is right with this toy, but the real selling point comes from the genuine fossils hidden within the plaster brick.

4M Crystal Mining Kit – Best Budget Buy
At under $12 your little scientist will get eight quality crystals, a cute display case, a fun fact sheet, and plenty of excavating fun.

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