Does your heart drop on days where the weather doesn’t permit outdoor play, and you’re stuck wondering how to burn off your child’s energy without them burning down the house? An indoor slide is an excellent piece of equipment to occupy your child’s inside time, provide them with exercise, and allow all of you to create great memories.

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Children's Factory Tunnel Climber

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Upgrade Choice

Little Tikes First Slide

How to Pick the Best Indoor Slide for Kids

Picking the proper slide for your family can be a bit overwhelming. We totally get that, so here are six things we find to be of top importance when searching for your child’s new favorite toy.

1. Recommended Age

Our kids grow fast, so it can be tempting to purchase a product designed for older children with the thought that they will grow into it, not out of it. However, children too young or old for a particular toy will not be able to take advantage of the fun the slide offers fully. More importantly, if your child plays on an indoor slide that is out of their age range, they could be injured. 

2. Weight Limit

Allowing kids who are heavier than the weight limit or multiple kids who, when playing together, exceed the weight limit creates a potentially dangerous situation. The slide could buckle, or plastic could crack and lead to a structure that is no longer sound. 

3. Product Size & Weight

If you think you will be storing your slide after playtime is over, or moving it from room to room, consider how tricky it will be to do so. You might want to look for a slide that is foldaway or built from materials light enough for one person to pick up. 

4. Safety

Some slides come with certificates saying that they have met the safety guidelines of organizations like ASTM International. For those that don’t, consider looking for safety features like slide bumpers, easy grip handles, and safety rails. 

5. Materials

Consider not just portability and cleanability when looking at the construction materials of a slide, but also how kid friendly they are. Metal can be pretty unforgiving should your child fall on it while softer materials supply a cushion but might not offer a fast enough slide to keep older kiddos entertained. Be sure to pick what’s right for your child’s age and abilities.

6. Fun Features

Some slides come with extra attachments, like ball pits, monkey bars, or tunnels. If that’s what you’re looking for, be sure to measure the space in which you plan to use the mini jungle gym so that all its pieces can be fully, and safely, enjoyed. 

The Winners


Step2 Naturally Playful Treehouse

best overall

Your kiddo will get years of fun out of our pick for Editors Choice. Assembly is reasonably straightforward, and the smooth surfaces clean up nicely with soap and water. This Step2 Playful Treehouse slide can be enjoyed both indoors and out and offers an engaging design that encourages free play as well as motor skill development.

Recommended Age: 18 months – 5 years
Weight Limit: 50lbs
Dimensions & Weight: 66.5”L x 25”W x 57.5”H / 30lbs
Safety: Bumpers on slides, wide-based legs for stability, rails on tree house sides
Materials: Plastic
Fun Features: Swiveling periscope, shaded “treehouse” platform


Children's Factory Soft Tunnel Climber

Upgrade Choice

Ranking as our Upgrade Choice, Children’s Factory Soft Tunnel is brightly colored, durable, and easily cleaned with just soap and water. It is wonderful fun for kids to crawl on, under, and up without you having to worry about hard surfaces or sharp corners. It’s easy to assemble, and the pieces secure together with velcro strips. The tunnel is big enough for your little ones to fit through with room to spare and the ramp provides a nice slant without being too steep. 

Recommended Age: 18 months – 4 years
Weight Limit: 60 lbs
Dimensions & Weight: 23”L x 18”W x 39”H / 9 lbs
Safety: Meets ASTM, SPSC, CSA, CPSIA, IPEMA and EN safety standards
Materials: Plastic
Fun Features: n/a


Little Tikes First Slide

Best Budget Buy

A good old fashioned slide that is simple to assemble and easy to store, this toy ranks as our Best Budget Buy as well as the Best Little Tikes Indoor Slide. Its foldable design makes it compact for when it needs to be out of sight, and it cleans up nicely with just soap and water. The 38″ slide is perfect for a fun ride, but not so steep as to overwhelm your youngsters.

Recommended Age and weight: 9 months – 3 years 
Weight Limit: n/a 
Dimensions &  Weight: 69″l x 68″w x 18″ h / 22.3 lbs 
Safety: No hard corners, padded material 
Materials: Vinyl and cotton 
Fun Features: Soft platform, tunnel


Step2 Pink Big Folding Slide

Best plastic indoor slide

Another design that is brilliant in its simplicity, we awarded this pretty Step2 pink folding slide product the title of Best Plastic Indoor slide, as well as the Best Indoor Slide For Girls. Assembly is quick and straightforward and, once game time is over, this toy folds up neatly for storage. If the weather is nice enough, this slide is great for an outdoor play session.

Recommended Age: 2 – 5 years
Weight Limit: 50 lbs
Dimensions & Weight: 64″W x 17″D x 41″H / 28lbs
Safety: Safety handles, high side rails
Materials: Plastic
Fun Features: n/a


Lil' Monkey Everest Climb N Slide

Great for motor skill development, this Lil’Monkey Everest climb n’ slide offers many ways to play. The material is UV resistant, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor use alike. It folds up neatly for storage, and all you need for cleaning is a gentle soap and water mixture. Parents report that assembly takes under one hour and that the materials hold up to whatever your kiddo can dish out.

Recommended Age: 18 months – 5 years
Weight Limit: 150 lb.
Dimensions & Weight: 59″ x 47.2″ x 47.2″/ 20.6lbs
Safety: Meets ASTM guidlines and EN-71 children safety standards
Materials: Plastic
Fun Features: Strong climbing structure


Dani LLC Indoor Wooden Playground

Best wooden indoor Slide

If it’s fun extras you want, it’s fun extras you’ll get with this Dani Wooden Playground. Folding it up for storage does require the removal of a few bolts, and you’re going to need to break out the toolbox for its initial assembly. That being said, the material is of such high quality that we bestowed it with the title of Best Wooden Slide. It’s small enough to fit inside your home but durable enough for an outdoor play session and, with so many things to do, your little ones won’t easily tire of this toy.

Recommended Age: 1-7 years
Weight Limit: 132lbs
Dimension & Weight:52”L x 33.5”W x 51”H / 66lbs
Safety: Bumpers on slide
Materials: Wood
Fun Features: Ladder, climb net, swing rings


Eezy Peezy Jungle Gym

The many features in this Eezy Peezy Jungle Gym can make it a little tricky to assemble. However, your kiddo will have plenty to do, so perhaps we can consider it an even trade. The slide is not too steep, and the package includes 50 balls for the ball pit, although some parents recommend buying additional balls. You can use this playset inside and out, but it is not advisable to leave it outdoors permanently as its construction can be vulnerable to the elements.

Recommended Age: 1 – 3 years 
Weight Limit: 150 lbs 
Dimensions & Weight: 56″ x 62″ x 29″ / 20.3 lb 
Safety: Plastic tubes securely interlock with connectors containing double self-locking springs for stability 
Materials: Plastic, unlisted fabric 
Fun Features: Ball pit (balls included), target toss sidewall


Little Slide Castle Bounce House

Made from durable tear-resistant material, this Little Slide bounce house inflates in under 60 seconds. Ground stakes and weight bags come with your purchase, so your kiddo will be safe if you decide to move the fun outside. You do have to leave the included blower running to keep this playhouse inflated, but it is quiet and won’t be intrusive on your kiddos fun.

Recommended Age: 36 months – 10 years
Weight Limit: 75 lbs
Dimensions & Weight: 78 x 118 x 72 inches / 26 lbs
Safety: Mesh netting secured bounce house sides, bumpers on slide
Materials: Nylon
Fun Features: Bounce house, ball pit, mini basketball hoop



Best indoor slide for stairs

With an attachment piece that extends up to 54 inches, the Slidewhizzer Stair Slide portable toy works on virtually any set of stairs. You can safely position it in the middle or on either side of a staircase. Recognized as our pick for Best Indoor Slide for Stairs, it comes with the necessary hardware to be attached to a stairway as well as that needed to be used as a free-standing slide.

Recommended Age: 36 months – 10 years
Weight Limit: 110 lbs
Dimensions & Weight: 51” x 16” x 17” inches / 77 lbs
Safety: Bumpers on slide, steel frame
Materials: Plastic and steel
Fun Features: Adjusts to attach to variety of stairs

FAQs: All you need to know

Q Are indoor slides safe for kids?

A Purchased for the correct age group and properly assembled, slides can be a perfect addition to your indoor toy cache. Always supervise your child while they play to ensure they are not engaging in potentially dangerous actions, such as jumping or running down the slide, and check the materials for wear regularly. 

Q Can an indoor slide be left outside for extended periods?

A Some slides shouldn’t be outdoors at all, while others can be brought out on nice days but must be stored out of the elements to avoid wear caused by exposure to the elements. Just because a slide can be outside doesn’t mean it can stay outside.

Q Should I buy a used slide?

A While there are plenty of used toys on the market, a slide is best bought new. By doing so, you won’t have to wonder if past use has compromised the integrity of the structure and caused any safety hazards. Plus, a new purchase will likely come with a warranty should there be a defect in any parts. 

Q How do I clean my indoor slide?

A For many models, soap and water will do. Be sure only to use child-safe cleaners and check the maintenance guidelines on your slide for additional instructions.


Looking to get the family involved in a fun afternoon project? Nothing will bring a bigger reward for your little helper than putting the finishing touches on her very own slide!

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Are you unsure as to how to make a safe slide for you 18 month to 3-year-old? Here’s an oldie but a goodie from the editors of Mother Earth News detailing how to make a dependable freestanding slide from wood. 

DIY Slide

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If you need a few pointers as to how to get a fun custom paint job that will last on your boring plastic slide, Amanda at Crafts by Amanda has you covered. 

DIY Painting

Quick Decision

Step2 Naturally Playful Treehouse– Best Overall
A great indoor/outdoor toy with lots of features, this moderately priced playhouse will amuse your kiddos for hours.

Children’s Factory Soft Tunnel Climber  – Upgrade Choice
This soft slide, tunnel, and ramp set will keep your little ones busy, happy and safe.

Little Tikes First Slide – Best Budget Buy
Simply designed yet capable of providing hours of fun, this is one toy that will keep your kids and your bank account happy.

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