Dollhouses are pure magic. You can pretend you’re a mommy or daddy or even a princess or an ogre. To really fuel a child’s story of danger and rescue or the thrill of moving to a new house with a little family, a dollhouse is a perfect setting. Whether your child loves playing a parent, a career woman, a strong daddy, or a college co-ed, there will be a dollhouse that will suit their chosen play perfectly. Here are our reviews of 13 of the best dollhouses to buy in 2019.

Our Top Picks

KidKraft Girl's Uptown Dollhouse

Upgrade Choice

KidKraft Girl's Uptown Dollhouse

KidKraft Charlotte Dollhouses

Best Budget Buy

KidKraft Charlotte Dollhouses

How to Pick the Best doll houses

Here are six dollhouse features for you to consider before you hunt for your next purchase. There are beautiful dollhouses for every taste, ability, and liking within these 13 choices.

1. Recommended Age

Millions of people around the world love dollhouses. One may be a toddler just learning how to hold a doll and make it walk by bouncing it up and down on the floor. Another may be a hobbyist with decades of experience crafting furniture for sale at high prices. Between these two streams, there are those who enjoy building, playing, and sharing their dollhouses. Whether your gift recipient is a toddler, a ten-year-old, or grandma, consider the features of each dollhouse and how it will fit into their level of expertise and enjoyment.

2. Number of Levels

Dollhouses normally have from two to four levels including living spaces, rooftop patios, and outdoor gardens. The choices below typically fit the standard 12-inch Barbie size. If not, there will be a notice within the description. Keep in mind that many of the dollhouses require building from directions.

3. Number of Rooms

The height and width of the rooms are set to a doll of 12 inches in most cases. It is typical that while the height and width are larger for this reason. The depth, however, is comparatively shallow. This allows a child to set the house along a wall when she’s not playing with it. It also lets a folding dollhouse to become easier to move and handle.

4. Batteries

There are a few dollhouses that require batteries. These are used to make sounds from accessories from ovens to flushing toilets. If the dollhouse needs them, they will be listed with sizes and numbers.

5. Dimensions

The physical size of each dollhouse is listed. Some of larger than the size of the children who will play with it; others are made for dolls to have a dollhouse. It would be wise to consider your child’s size and the relative dimensions of the dollhouse.

6. Weight

If you are paying shipping costs, then the weight will be important in considering a buying decision. Some of the selections are more than 50 pounds. Will you be able to carry it alone from room to room? Will the dollhouse be so light that it and all its contents will fly across the room if someone trips?

The Winners


Hape Wooden Dollhouse

Best Overall

The lovely Hape Wooden Dollhouse gives children and their friends free rein to their imaginations. There is a living room, a master bedroom, a media room, and a kitchen to feed all the child’s dolls. The dollhouse has all the furniture and appliances it needs to decorate a lovely miniature home. The house is made of sturdy wood and will give children years of active and imaginative play.

Recommended Ages: 3 – 5
Number of Levels: 3
Number of Rooms: 6
Batteries: No
Dimensions: 23.6 x 11.8 x 28.9 inches
Weight: 14.11 pounds


KidKraft Girl's Uptown Dollhouse

Upgrade Choice

The KidKraft Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse is splashed with pink, pink, pink! An elevator takes your girl’s 12-inch doll (Barbie size) upstairs to the rooftop patio or down to the backyard pool that holds real water. This is a huge dollhouse made with sturdy wood. Detailed instructions make assembling the house a cinch. This house resembles the real thing. A flushing toilet, outside light, and ceiling fan give it that homey touch.

Recommended Ages: 3 +
Number of Levels: 3
Number of Rooms: 5 indoor; and 2 outdoor spaces
Batteries: 9 LR44 batteries required (included)
Dimensions: 46.2 x 25.1 x 61 inches
Weight: 57.3 pounds


KidKraft Charlotte Dollhouses

Best Budget Buy

The KidKraft Charlotte Dollhouses is more than four feet tall with four levels. This is a 50th-anniversary edition that is not only true to the original but contains modern touches any child will appreciate. There are six rooms inside and two balconies that children will find spacious areas to use the 14-piece accessory and furniture set. The house is made of wood, MDF, and plastic. The directions for assembly are simple with the included instructions.

Recommended Ages: 3 – 8
Number of Levels: 4
Number of Rooms: 6 plus 2 balconies
Batteries: No
Dimensions: 32.5 x 11.8 x 49 inches
Weight: 29 pounds


Barbie DreamHouse

Best barbie dollhouse

Only Barbie, the eternal 20-something career girl, could command a downtown palace as trendy as the DreamHouse. Three stories hold eight rooms with a real elevator and a pool equipped with a slide for those poolside parties. That working elevator is so spacious that it can carry eight dolls at once. There’s a new home office in this latest model for those work-from-home days. Did we mention the pool? Its slide begins on the third story for an exciting splash into the second-story swimming pool. Yes, your kids can fill the pool with water.

There is a carport for the auto, naturally. Kitchen play is enhanced with a frying pan that can sizzle and a tea kettle with a whistle. The toilet even has a flushing sound. There are lots of double-play features. The couch becomes bunk beds, and the coffee table becomes a bed for Chelsea (sold separately). If you are wondering about accessories, well, would Barbie be complete without dozens? There are more than 70 to simulate real-life play. Your girl will spend a lot of time with this real DreamHouse.

Recommended Ages: 3 – 7
Number of Levels: 3
Number of Rooms: 8
Batteries: 4 AAA batteries
Dimensions: 8.5 x 30 x 30 inches
Weight: 2.2 pounds


LEGO Disney's Dream Castle

Best LEGO Dollhouse

What could be better? LEGO bricks, Princess Cinderella, and a Dream Castle are all rolled into one excellent imagination toy. The three-story LEGO Disney’s Cinderella’s Dream Castle has beautiful hiding places, just like a magnificent castle should have. There is a place to serve banquets for all the royalty, a balcony with a dance floor that revolves, and even a horse cart waiting just outside. This dollhouse includes five LEGO figures, a Cinderella and Prince Charming mini-dolls, a baby foal, and two mice, naturally. The first play session includes building the castle itself from 585 LEGO building pieces. Next, the prince and princess move in and begin their royal adventures.

Recommended Ages: 6 – 12
Number of Levels: 3
Number of Rooms: 6
Batteries: No
Dimensions: 13.9 x 14.9 x 2.8 inches
Weight: 2.6 pounds


Barbie Pink Passport  Townhouse

choice Dollhouse for 5-year-olds

Barbie is such a lucky young lady, isn’t she? She never runs out of great places to live and work, has an endless parade of cool cars, and is always pretty, sweet, and kind. The Barbie Pink Passport Townhouse is an excellent introduction to Barbie play. Designed for the younger set, your kids will thrill at sending Barbie up and down the elevator. The rooftop opens to an umbrella-shaded patio. The kitchen and living area are on the first floor, then a bedroom complete with closet and bath on floor number two. Don’t little kids love a swing? There’s a modern swinging chair in the living room, but, surprise, the wall opens so Barbie can choose to swing inside or out. Expect a request that this feature is replicated in your child’s own bedroom.

Recommended Ages: 3 – 7
Number of Levels: 3
Number of Rooms: 4
Batteries: No
Dimensions: 7.1 x 16.1 x 29 inches
Weight: 11.07 pounds


Melissa & Doug Wooden Furniture

choice Dollhouse for Toddlers

If your toddler wants to play house just like a big sister or brother, the Melissa & Doug Wooden Dollhouse Furniture will suit her beautifully. Melissa & Doug specialize in reliable, sturdily built wooden toys. They have fashioned a folding dollhouse of wood that parents can fold up and take along anywhere they wish. The mini-dollhouse has sturdy handles to carry the house containing 11 wooden furniture pieces along with two flexible wooden characters. The house opens fully for more relaxed play, then closes tight to carry away.

Recommended Ages: 3 – 6
Number of Levels: 2
Number of Rooms: 4
Batteries: No
Dimensions: 12.5 x 7.5 x 10 inches
Weight: 4.32 pounds


KidKraft Majestic-Mansion Dollhouse

Best Large Dollhouse

When KidKraft named this dollhouse the Majestic Mansion, they weren’t speaking in hyperbole. This giant of a dollhouse is taller than the kids who will play with it. Four-and-a-half feet tall and even broader than that, this house has it all to please every child. Kids can place 34 pieces of furniture and accessories within the eight rooms. There is even an elevator between the second and third floors. An unusual bonus is full windows that let kids see their dolls not only from inside the house but from the outside as well. When you look outside, you’ll notice that the garage doors swing open and shut. Dolls up to 12 inches tall can live in luxury with the KidKraftMajestic-Mansion Dollhouse.

Recommended Ages: 3 – 7
Number of Levels: 3 plus attic
Number of Rooms: 8
Batteries: No
Dimensions: 52 x 14 x 53.5 inches
Weight: 51.1 pounds


Melissa & Doug Victorian Dollhouse

Choice Dollhouse for a 6-year-old

Six-year-olds are at the height of their imaginative powers, and this Melissa & Doug Heirloom Victorian Dollhouse is just the set they need. The dollhouse is decorated in romantic details with an exquisitely modern take. The exterior color scheme is white, light pink, and grey with details like gables and friezes, brackets and latticework. The house is easy to assemble with detailed instructions and an online video to show the subtler points. Once you get it together, order the company’s dedicated Wooden Doll Family.

Recommended Ages: 6 +
Number of Levels: 3
Number of Rooms: 6
Batteries: No
Dimensions: 27.5 x 18 x 29.5 inches
Weight: 39.4 pounds


KidKraft Everyday Heroes Play Set

Choice Dollhouse for Boys

Why should girls have all the fun of pretend-play? This dollhouse, or the KidKraft Everyday Heroes Play Set​, has three floors with 12 rooms to house firefighters, a helicopter, a fire truck, and a police motorcycle. There are a firefighter’s pole and bendable figures of the firefighters and their dogs. The house even folds up so he can take it to his friend’s house.

Recommended Ages: 3 – 12
Number of Levels: 3
Number of Rooms: 12
Batteries: No
Dimensions: 38.2 x 14.9 x 25.8 inches
Weight: 22.2 pounds


PLAYMOBIL Deluxe Dollhouse

Best Build-Your-Own Dollhouse

The PLAYMOBIL Deluxe Dollhouse can be built in less than an hour using online instructions. The house is nicely decorated and includes two small figures, a mailbox, and window boxes. The dolls are bendable. There is a functional doorbell. All the windows open. There are add-on room sold separately.

Recommended Ages: 4 – 10
Number of Levels: 3
Number of Rooms: 6
Batteries: 2 AA
Dimensions: 23.6 x 21.6 x 10.6 inches
Weight: 0.32 ounces


Melissa & Doug Dollhouse Portable

Best Build-Your-Own Dollhouse

The Melissa & Doug Dollhouse Portable  can be built in less than an hour using online instructions. The house is nicely decorated and includes two small figures, a mailbox, and window boxes. The dolls are bendable. There is a functional doorbell. All the windows open. There are add-on room sold separately.

Recommended Ages: 4 – 10
Number of Levels: 3
Number of Rooms: 6
Batteries: 2 AA
Dimensions: 23.6 x 21.6 x 10.6 inches
Weight: 0.32 ounces


KidKraft Cinderella Dollhouse

Best princess dollhouse

Before Cinderella was a princess, she cleaned, cooked, and sewed beautiful gowns for her step-mother and her daughters. This Royal Dreams KidKraft Cinderella Dollhouse brings that story to life within the five rooms of the spacious home now belonging to the step-mother and her brood. The house has five rooms in which to play out the Cinderella story. Golden doors in the attic open to reveal the sewing room. The dollhouse even comes with a glass slipper and its pillow perfect for playing out the dramatic engagement scene.

Recommended Ages: 3 – 8
Number of Levels: 3
Number of Rooms: 5
Batteries: No
Dimensions: 38.5 x 14.8 x 58.7 inches
Weight: 32 pounds

FAQs: All you need to know

Q What are the upper and lower age ranges for dollhouses?

A Everyone, it seems, loves a beautiful dollhouse. It may be a fairy tale castle, or it may be a log cabin that belongs in the woods, but any dollhouse sparks imaginary play like no other setting. A toddler may practice making a doll walk, but his great=grandmother may be just as intrigued and involved in making furniture and decorations. In simpler terms, there is no age limit to imagination and fun.

Q What is a 1:6 or 1:12-scale dollhouse?

A This standard for most children’s dollhouses is 1:6 that properly fits 12-inch dolls like Barbie and Ken. The common standard for adult collectors is 1:12, also called a one-inch scale. In that scale, every foot is represented by one inch.

Q When were dollhouses invented?

A Dollhouse’s popularity began in the late 16th century with wealthy adults. They were called ‘baby houses’ and were cabinets divided into compartments. Within these compartments were furnishings of exotic materials displaying a lady’s refined taste and wealth. The dollhouses we know today had their roots in the 17th and 18th centuries. German toy makers turned the adult baby houses into real dollhouses for children’s play.

Q Are there differences between British and American dollhouses?

A British dollhouses are different than those in the U.S. There, the front of the house opens to reveal the interior of the house. In the U.S., the front of the house is very ornate, but the back is fully open for play.

Q How can I get started creating miniature furnishings for dollhouses?

A Men and women throughout the world enjoy the hobby of miniature creation. The website has a wealth of illustrations and instruction to begin you on your way.

DIY, Craft and Décor: Ideas for doll house lovers

Create your own furnishings!

This Pinterest has dozens of inspirational offerings to begin fashioning your own furnishings and decorative items.


Good Housekeeping magazine featured the work of Jess who got an $80 kit and turned it into an outstanding example of miniature creation.

Decorate a room for the pet unicorn!

To create magic on top of magic, design a room for your doll’s pet unicorn. These easy video directions make an afternoon’s project a snap.

Don’t forget the Christmas decorations!

Take inspiration from crafters The Mama’s Girl who decorate their doll’s houses with all kinds of Christmas cheer. The entire family can take part, and the activity will help calm those “When is Santa coming?” questions. And, don’t forget making decorations for Easter, Fourth of July, and even a child’s special birthday party.

Quick Decision

Hape All Seasons Wooden Dollhouse – Best Overall
All Seasons Kids Wooden Dollhouse comes fully furnished so your child can instantly begin to play in a house open to all sides.

KidKraft Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse – Upgrade Choice
KidKraft Girl’s Uptown Dollhouse is a fabulous set-piece in a play of modern grandeur.

KidKraft Charlotte Dollhouses – Best Budget Buy
KidKraft Charlotte Dollhouse is a grand, tall doll’s house that will please any small child for years to come.

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