Dirt bikes come in a variety of sizes. Besides full-size dirt bikes and motorcycles for teens and adults, there are also cut-down versions that even small children can successfully ride. This list includes some of the best kid’s dirt bikes for children of all ages, from just out of toddlerhood to the early teens.

Our Top Picks

SYXMOTO Kids Mini Dirt Bike

Best Overall

SYXMOTO Kids Mini Dirt Bike

Razor MX350 Dirt Electric Motocross Bike

Best Budget Buy

Razor MX350 Dirt Electric Bike

How to Pick the Best dirt bike for kids

1. Recommended Age

While obviously you want to respect the manufacturer’s age recommendations, some of the recommended ages given for these products are on the high side (probably due to liability issues). Always use your own judgment and your knowledge of your kid’s experience level with bikes.

2. Type

Bikes come with either gas or electric motors. Electric bikes tend to be cheaper and easier to maintain and of course more ecologically conscientious. But they don’t go as fast as gas bikes, take a long time to recharge, and aren’t as suited to wet or muddy conditions.

3. Engine Size

For gas engines, this is given in cc (cubic centimeters), meaning the displacement volume of the bike’s engine cylinders. Bikes in the 50-100 cc ranges are best for kids, although older, bigger kids may also be able to handle 110 or even 150 cc bikes. For electric bikes, the power output is given in watts.

Note that gas engines also come in two-stroke and four-stroke versions. Two-stroke engines are faster, lighter, and easier to maintain, while four-stroke engines are steadier and more manageable by a novice rider. Two-stroke engines also require you to mix gas and oil together because the mixture serves as both fuel and lubricant, so be sure you’re comfortable doing that.

4. Seat Height

Dirt bikes don’t have adjustable seats, so it’s important to get the right seat height for your kid. Check a seat height chart like this one to get an idea of what height is right for your kid. He or she should be able to sit astride the bike with toes and ball of the foot touching the ground; if heels can touch too, the bike is probably too low.

5. Max Weight

The maximum weight the bike is designed to carry. Dirt bikes are tough machines and can carry loads beyond their maximum weight, but doing so will mean slower speeds, poorer performance, and more tire wear.

6. Bike Size

We include this so you have an idea of how difficult it might be to toss the bike into the back of your van or truck and take it out for a spin. Heavy bikes are also harder for smaller kids to pick up after a fall.

The Winners


SYX MOTO Kids Mini Dirt Bike

Best Overall / Best Gas Powered Dirt Bike

This small but sharp-looking mini dirt bike is one of the best built and most popular starter bikes for smaller kids. While it doesn’t have the name-brand recognition of some bigger bike manufacturers, it has the performance where it counts, and you’re not paying extra just for a logo.

Since this bike is meant for beginners, it has several important safety features, including front and rear disc brakes, a speed limiter with three settings, and a handlebar-mounted kill switch. The transmission is fully automatic, since new riders shouldn’t have to worry about shifting gears just yet.

However, safety isn’t everything, and the SYX MOTO Kids Mini Dirt Bike has plenty of power in its 50cc two-stroke motor to get your kid excited as well. At its top speed setting, it can get close to 25 MPH. It’s not designed with especially rough riding in mind, but the 10” tires have plenty of grip so your kid can easily go off-road if he or she wants.

Even if it’s only a beginner bike, based on looks, cool, safety, and performance, this has the potential to turn your kid into a long-term dirt bike fan. That’s why we’re making this our Editor’s Choice.

Recommended age: 6+
Type: Gas
Engine size: 50cc
Seat Height: 21”
Max Weight: 160 lbs
Bike Size: 50” x 22” x 33.5”, 48.5 lbs


Razor MX650 Rocket

Upgrade Choice

The Razor MX650 Rocket is the high end of the Razor line of electric bikes, featuring the same motorcycle-like styling and smooth-riding suspension as the MX500, but with a more powerful motor. The manufacturer says it has a top speed of 17 MPH, but on a smooth clean surface like a street or sidewalk, it can beat that comfortably (20-25 MPH). Even on rougher terrain it can still move with plenty of zip, and its system generates extra power for climbing to help the rider beat those hills.

The MX650 offers 40 minutes of riding time on a charge, and requires approximately 8 hours to recharge. The controls are similar to the MX500’s, including twist-grip acceleration controls and front and rear hand-operated disc brakes.

The MX650 is obviously meant for older kids. While the manufacturer recommends an age of 16+, kids in the 12-and-up age range may be able to handle it as long as they’re large enough to sit the bike properly. A kid who’s outgrown smaller bikes and is looking for something cooler and more powerful will probably agree with us that this is the perfect Upgrade Choice.

Recommended age: 16+; usual caveats apply.
Type: Electric
Engine size: 650 watts
Seat Height: 25”
Max Weight: 220 lbs
Bike Size: 56” x 24.5” x 36”, 98.2 lbs


Razor MX350 Electric Dirt Bike

Best Budget Buy

Let’s get one thing out of the way. The manufacturer’s recommended age for this is 13+. While I hate to contradict the manufacturer, no real thirteen-year-old is ever going to be caught dead on this thing. This is a small and underpowered (top speed: 14 mph) bike meant for the rawest of beginners.

Once you accept that, however, you can appreciate the Razor MX350 Electric Dirt Bike’s good points. The battery can give you 30 minutes or 10 miles of riding on a single charge at top speeds. The 12-hour recharge time is a bit of a drawback, although it can be charged from any house outlet. The bike is tough and reliable, with oversized knobby tires that grip the road well. The controls are simplified for beginners, with a throttle that only has two settings and hand-operated rear brakes.

The fixed suspension limits how much bumping this bike can handle; don’t take your kid anywhere rough with this or they’ll spend more time eating dirt than riding. However, it works excellently for riding around the yard or neighborhood or on smooth dirt roads, and the quiet electric motor makes it good for riding in more built-up areas without incurring noise complaints. Despite what the manufacturer may think, based on the size and ease of use we’re going to call this one our Best for 6- to 9-Year-Olds.

Recommended age: 13+ (cough)
Type: Electric
Engine size: 350 watts (30-min ride time)
Seat Height: 20”
Max Weight: 140 lbs.
Bike Size: 44” x 24.5” x 31”, 70.25 lbs


KidsFunWorld Power Pocket Bike

Best for 6 to 9-year-olds

The KidsFunWorld Power Pocket Bike is lightweight but solidly built bike is a great starter for kids who don’t have a lot of dirt bike experience. Its construction includes tough aluminum alloy wheels, front and rear disc brakes, and a rear shock suspension that should stand up to a fair amount of bumping around.

The 49cc 2-stroke engine isn’t particularly powerful, but the bike is light enough that the engine can drive it at a maximum speed of 30 MPH (lot lower if the bike is being ridden across any kind of rough terrain). An experienced biker will probably look down their nose at this, but if your kid is a new biker, it’ll probably help your peace of mind to know that he or she won’t be able to push it any faster than that. Still, you do have to weigh your peace of mind against the possibility that your kid might grow out of this bike quickly — especially if his or her friends all have better bikes!

Like the MX350, the manufacturer recommends this for ages 13+, and like the MX350, this is an unrealistic recommendation; it’s more likely to please under-10s. This is also one of the most inexpensive gasoline bikes available, so it won’t put as much of a strain on your budget as some of the other models on this list.

Recommended age: 13+
Type: Gas
Engine Size: 49cc
Seat Height: 22”
Max Weight: Not provided
Bike Size: Not provided


Kuberg Cross

Kuberg is a small electric-bike-making outfit based in the Czech Republic that focuses on high-end bikes for serious riders. The Cross is the MX350’s sexier, sleeker, higher-tech cousin — and it comes with a not so sexy price tag to match. You could probably buy two or three of the bikes on this list for what a single Cross is going to run you.

Setting the price aside (if you can), the Cross has a lot to recommend it. The powerful electric motor gives instant torque for fast take-offs and a top speed of 17 mph. The manufacturer promises a couple of hours of ride time on a single charge, and only 6 hours to recharge from a house outlet. The Kuberg Cross features a double-tube steel frame and front and rear disc brakes, and a fully enclosed chain drive for a safer ride. Another safety feature is a wristband-based kill switch that immediately stops the motor if your child’s hand pulls away from the handlebars (i.e., if he or she falls off).

One particular advantage of the Cross is that it comes with the Kuberg Volt app, which lets you monitor the bike’s speed and charge level from your phone, limit the bike’s top speed and torque, trigger an emergency stop, and even set a perimeter to limit how far the bike can ride from home. Admittedly it’s a bit helicopter-parent-y, but if your kid is testing his or her first bike, having these controls can help make the experience easier for both of you.

Recommended age: 6-12
Type: Electric
Engine size: 750 watts (approx. 2-hour ride time)
Seat Height: 25”
Max Weight: 220 lbs.
Bike Size: 37” wheelbase, 32” high at handlebars, 73 lbs.


Coolster 70cc Semi-Automatic

Moving up a bit in the power scale but still manageable for kids, the Chinese-made Coolster 70cc features a four-stroke engine that gives extra power and acceleration, with speeds topping out around 35 mph. The bike comes with a pre-installed governor that limits the speed to 20 mph, although your retailer or mechanic can remove it if you think your kid is ready for higher speeds.

The Coolster 70cc Semi-Automatic is a lightweight, low-slung bike that’s easy for kids to handle, and features front hydraulic and rear mono shock suspension, front and rear drum brakes, and oversized tires for best handling. The three-speed semi-automatic gearbox makes it a good way for kids to practice shifting gears as they work their way up to bikes with real clutch shifting.

The extra power and more advanced controls mean this may not be the best bike for absolute beginners, but it’s an excellent intermediate bike for kids who have outgrown 50cc motors but aren’t yet able to handle bigger bikes. One flaw, however, is that the seat is so low that it’s very easy for an older kid to outgrow this bike with a single growth spurt.

Recommended age: No manufacturer age recommendation. Based on size and power, maybe 7-12?
Type: Gas
Engine size: 70cc
Seat Height: 17.35”
Max Weight: 180 lbs
Bike Size: 61” x 26.7” x 20”, 88 lbs


Best Choice Products Battery Powered Motorcycle

Best for under-4s

To be honest, this isn’t a dirt bike. It’s a sidewalk bike, possibly a yard bike if the grass isn’t too thick. But if your little people want a ride of their own and aren’t big enough to handle even a small dirt bike, the Best-Choice-Products-Battery-Powered-Motorcycle should keep them happy until they’re old enough to graduate to a real bike.

The Battery Powered Motorcycle runs at a blazing 2 MPH and comes with working lights, sirens, and a “radio” that plays music. Controls consist of a button that makes the motorcycle go as long as it’s pressed. The bike stops when the kid takes his or her finger off the button. It also includes removable training wheels that can help your kid learn to balance on a bike.

The battery charges quickly and can give about an hour of ride time, depending on how heavily it’s used. Body and tires are high-impact plastic, tough enough to stand up to a few years of use. The 44-lb weight limit means your kid might outgrow this bike very quickly, but this is still our Best for Under-4s who are looking for bike fun of their very own.

Recommended age: 3-6
Type: Electric
Engine size: 20 watts (8-12 hour recharge time)
Seat Height: Not provided
Max Weight: 44 lbs
Bike Size: 41” x 20” x 28”, 20.3 lbs


Razor MX500 Rocket Dirt Bike

Meet the middle brother of the MX family. The MX500 is faster (top speed: 17 mph), longer-lasting (40 minutes / 10 miles ride time), and bigger than the MX350, with the same solid construction you can expect from Razor products. The bike is styled to look as much as possible like a cut-down version of a real dirt bike or motorcycle, and kids who are old enough to ride this will definitely appreciate having something that looks like the real thing, not a toy.

The MX500 features dual disc brakes and a dual suspension for a notably smooth ride, and also recharges faster than the MX350 — 8 hours to full charge from house power. Controls are simple enough for even a young kid to understand, with a twist-grip throttle to regulate speed. The 16” / 14” tires mean the bike grips and handles well, even on rough terrain.

We’re calling this our Best for 10- to 12-Year-Olds based on its solidity, comfort, and ease of use, but even kids under 10 can enjoy this bike if they’re tall enough to fit the seat.

Recommended age: 14+, which is still silly. 8-12 is more like it.
Type: Electric
Engine size: 500 watts (40 minutes ride time)
Seat Height: 23”
Max Weight: 175 lbs.
Bike Size: 45.38” x 14.5” x 25.13”, 106 lbs.


Monster Moto Gas Mini Bike

If you’re feeling patriotic, this American-flag-patterned bike,  is assembled in the USA (although admittedly it uses foreign-made parts). But regardless of whether you’re an American or not, this tough little bike can be both a great starter for kids new to motorsports or an upgrade for kids who have outgrown smaller bikes.

The 80 cc, four-stroke engine is not the fastest accelerating around, but it does make it easier for kids to get used to the bike’s speed — and if you wanted instant acceleration, you’d be on an electric bike anyway. It can manage a top speed of 23 MPH. Controls include rear disc brakes, an automatic no-shift clutch, and a handlebar-mounted kill switch for safety.

The Monster Moto Gas Mini Bikecomes with extra-fat, tubeless off-road tires with solid steel rims, which combined with the reinforced steel tube frame and wide seat mean this machine can handle some rugged terrain. That said, this bike has no suspension, so it WILL be a bumpy ride. The Monster Moto is altogether a rougher, tougher, and less technically advanced bike than some of the others on this list. But if your kid can stand a little jouncing around, it’s also a ton of fun to ride.

Recommended age: 16+; 8-12 seems more realistic, though.
Type: Gas
Engine size: 80 cc
Seat Height: 23”
Max Weight: 185 lbs.
Bike Size: 50” x 26” x 33”, 78 lbs

FAQs: All you need to know

Q How do I know if my kid is ready for a dirt bike?

A It’s perfectly normal to panic at the idea of handing your kid something with a motor that goes fast, especially if he or she isn’t even coordinated enough to get clothes in the hamper. But dirt bikes aren’t really more dangerous than bicycles, especially if you take proper precautions and supervise their use. If a kid can balance on a regular bike on his or her own, then he or she can probably handle a dirt bike. Kids as young as 4 or 6 can successfully ride small (50 cc) dirt bikes. It just takes the persistence to get up and back on the bike when they fall down, and your support and encouragement can be important here. Consulting this excellent guide on helping kids learn to ride may help. That said, it’s also important to listen to your kids’ feelings — don’t try to push them into something they find scary.

Q What protective gear is necessary for a dirt bike?

A Helmets are absolutely mandatory, and should never be bought online; always try helmets on to make sure they fit properly. A regular bicycle helmet is not enough! Beyond that, you’ll also need goggles which are essential dirt biking gear, (especially if you’re riding anywhere rough or dusty), gloves to protect the hands in case of falls, knee and elbow pads, a neck brace, and a chest and spine protector. You’ll probably want dirt bike boots and a protective jersey and pants as well; many tracks require boots for all riders. The cost of all these things can add up, but shopping around and buying used if possible can save you quite a bit.

Q Should I buy a new or used dirt bike?

A No matter how much your kids might want one, and how much you love them, a dirt bike is a big investment. Buying used, especially if you’re not. sure whether your kid will stick with it or not, is a good way to save money. This is especially true for children’s dirt bikes, because kids outgrow bikes all the time, which means there are a lot of parents like you with bikes to unload! But the same rules for buying used cars also apply to used dirt bikes: never buy sight unseen, and not without a test ride and mechanic’s inspection. You can find used dirt bikes for sale on Craigslist or Facebook, in dirt bike discussion forums online, and at your local bike or motocross track.

Q What laws govern the use of dirt bikes?

A You’ll have to check with your state motor vehicle department to determine what sort of restrictions your state puts on dirt bikes. You will probably be required to register and tag the bike before your kid can drive it. Dirt bikes are not street legal, so make sure your kid knows not to ride them in the street. He or she should also not ride them over other people’s property. And for gas bikes, be aware of your local noise and pollution laws, especially if you live in a built-up area. Don’t be the parent whose kid wakes everyone up at 6:00 on Saturday tearing around on his bike! 

The best place to ride a dirt bike is a local bike or Motocross track. Look around to see if there are any near you, and if so, what their policies are on kids riding.

Quick Decision

SYX MOTO Kids Mini Dirt Bike – Best Overall
A bike that both daredevil kids and safety-conscious parents can love.

Razor MX650 Rocket – Upgrade Choice
The high end of the Razor line of electric bikes which features smooth-riding suspension.

Razor MX500 Rocket Dirt Bike– to 12-Year-Olds
A sleek and solidly designed bike that will excite kids while making it easy to ride.


Whether a novice or expert, the kit you wear matters. Here’s the top 10 essentials you need when dirt biking with your kid.
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