For the last decade or two, renting a bounce house has become the most common party entertainment vehicle in many countries. It’s fun, exciting for the kids, and burns up a lot of child-sized energy. If you are interested in buying rather than paying the high fees of renting a bounce house, review our choices for the 11 best bounce houses to get in 2019.20

Our Top Picks

Blast Zone Castle Inflatable Bouncer

Best Overall

last Zone Castle Inflatable Bouncer

Blast Zone Sidekick Bounce House

Upgrade Choice

Blast Zone Sidekick Bounce House

Little Tikes Jump Slide Bounce

Best Budget Buy

Little Tikes Jump Slide Bounce

How to pick the best bounce house

Evaluating different bounce houses for your home use requires careful consideration. You will probably be interested in safety, ease of setup and operation, and whether the size matches your family. Below are our keys to choosing the best bounce house for you.

1. Recommended Age

Some bounce houses are small and built for a few toddlers at a time. Others are larger, much larger. The bigger bounce-a-toriums are big enough to handle dozens and a few adults besides. It’s quite important to follow the age recommendations of the manufacturer.

2. dimensions

If you are considering using a bounce house indoors, you might first pay attention to the height to ensure it fits within your ceiling allowance. If you note a dimension of five feet square, you know that only one or two children should bounce at once. Make sure that the toy will fit in the room or yard space you have in mind.

3. Jump Area

The home versions are always smaller than the commercial bounce houses. If you want to use it indoors, do you have room enough to accommodate the bounce house? Whether they are large enough to give kids a good time without smashing toddlers against the walls is the question.

4. Maximum weight

Too many and too heavy people will split seams of the house. Also, the lighter kids can be thrown about willy-nilly, never a good thing. It’s smart to pay close attention to weight limits before you allow any jumpers inside.

5. Maximum Number of Jumpers

We have tried to break down the maximum jumpers by weight when the information is available from the manufacturers. Some will say that there should be no more than two toddlers in a ball pit, and four jumpers whose combined weight does not go over 400 pounds in the house at one time. Even when tempted, safety should rule. Your bounce house will last longer and so will the jumpers.

6. Total Weighte

The dimensions given are for the total area of the folded-up bounce house in most cases. In others, the manufacturer gives the full size.

The Winners


Blast Zone Castle Inflatable Bouncer

Best Overall

The Blast Zone Castle Inflatable Bouncer product seems to have everything a parent or kids could want. Safety features are paramount with safe slide heights, soft netting, and many different anchor points. The house inflates in less than two minutes and deflates to the size of a sleeping bag. At five feet, the top of the bounce house can clear most ceilings yet is tall enough for older kids to bounce away without hitting their heads. The set comes with a blower, storage straps, and instructions.

Recommended Ages: 3 – 12
Jump Area: 6.5 x 6.33 feet
Max. Weight: 300 pounds
Max. Number: 3
Dimensions: 132 x 102 x 96 inches
Weight: 48 pounds


Blast Zone Sidekick Bounce House

Upgrade Choice

The Blast Zone Sidekick Bounce House is a combo toy that combines a large area with several play possibilities. There is a bounce floor, a built-in slide, and a basketball hoop. This is also one of the larger home bouncers, allowing room for six kids to jump at once, four in the jumping area and two in the ball pit. There is also a safety-slope slide to enter and exit the structure. Netting surrounds the entrance for safety. The ball pit can handle 1,000 large plastic balls. This bouncer is not equipped to handle water inside the toy.

Recommended Ages: 3 – 10
Jump Area: 95 x 95 inches
Max. Weight: 400 pounds (max. 100 ea.)
Max. Number of jumpers: 4, plus two in ball pit
Dimensions: 174 x 168 x 90 inches
Total Weight: 69.4 pounds


Little Tikes Jump Slide Bounce

Best Budget Buy

The Little Tikes Jump Slide Bounce product has tall netted walls to keep little ones inside the structure. This is a great safety feature for smaller kids. They are more prone to getting bounced out and onto the lawn or floor when heavier or stronger kids bounce hard. The mesh sides have another safety purpose. Parents can efficiently oversee the action from any angle and head off trouble before it starts.
This jump and slide have a large jumping area, 9’ by 12,’ so there is plenty of room for the recommended maximum of three children at a time. There are shoe pockets along the side to keep footwear together and not in the middle of the bouncing action. The set comes with a storage bag, blower, repair kit, and stakes.

Recommended Ages: 3 – 9
Jump Area: 12′ x 9′ Max. Weight Limit: 250 pounds
Max. Number: 3
Dimensions: 144 x 108 x 72 inches
Total Weight: 37.5 pounds


Meiouka Rainbow Bounce House

Best Indoor Bounce House

The Meiouka Rainbow Inflatable Bounce House is perfect for very young children who are unable to play outside one rainy day. This house should keep them busy and safe. The best feature is that the ball pit is inflatable and separate from the bouncing section. If a child can sit up, they can use the ball pit. There is a side door that enters down to the ball pit. The house is a very attractive rainbow castle and should enchant any child. The set comes with a carry bag.

Recommended Ages: 6 months + for ball pit; 3 + for jump area
Jump Area: NL
Max. Weight: 200 pounds
Max. Jumpers: 3 children
Dimensions: 120 x 75 x 65


Bounceland Inflatable Dream Castle

The Bounceland Inflatable Dream Castle can handle a few more grown-up kids. The 7.5-foot height in the jumping area should keep everyone within bounds. The kit includes the house, 30 plastic balls, a basketball hoop, and carrying bag as well as all the stakes, repair kit, and strong blower.

Recommended Ages: 3 – 8
Jump Area: 14 x 14 x 7.5 feet
Max. Weight: 400 pounds
Max. Number: 2 in jumper; 2 in ball pit
Dimensions: 11 x 10 x 7.3


Blast Zone Big Ol Bouncer

Best bounce house for older kids

The Blast Zone Big Ol Bouncer is the big mama in the bounce house category. There’s plenty of room for six kids at 100 pounds each. The 7-foot height makes jumping easier for the fifth graders. It works both outdoors and indoors if the ceiling is taller than 7 feet. The entire jumping area is covered with safety netting.

Recommended Ages: 3 – 10
Jump Area: 12 x 12 feet (outer dimensions)
Max. Weight: 600 pounds
Max. Number: 6
Dimensions: 180 x 144 x 84 inches
Total Weight: 66 pounds


HQ Castle Bounce House

Best inflatable bounce house

The floors are made with commercial-grade PVC, but the walls and other parts are not quite as strong. This gives kids a 13 x 13 x 14 feet total inflated size, making sure bigger kids can have a ball bouncing around the castle. The HQ Castle Bounce House is larger than even many commercial bounce houses.

Recommended Ages: 3 – 11
Jump Area: 13 x 13 x 14 feet
Max. Weight: 150 pounds per jumper
Max. Number: 5
Dimensions: 34 x 22 x 22 inches
Total Weight: 145 pounds


Kidwise Arc Arena II

The Kidwise Arc Arena II is fashioned as a hallway with plenty of room for games. Each end is open for basketball or soccer. The balls remain in the nets until released. Parents have emphasized the superior quality and its longevity. If you have active children, this may be on your short list for purchase.

Recommended Ages: 3 – 10
Jump Area: 92 x 138 inches
Max. Weight: 400 pounds
Max. Number: 4
Dimensions: 10 x 20 x10 feet
Total Weight: 88 pounds


Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race

The Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race is not the typical bounce house. It’s meant to be an outdoor toy hooked up to hoses for lots of water fun. There is a climbing wall, a splash pool, and two slides. Up to four kids can splash to their hearts’ content. There is even a surprise bucket that dumps water on the jumpers from a center inflatable wall. Kids climb the entrance wall to the top and race down the two slides into the splash pool.

Recommended Ages: 4 – 10
Jump Area: 15.75 x 28.75 x 16.25 inches
Max. Weight: 350 pounds
Max. Number: 4
Dimensions: 161 x 169 x 103 inches
Total Weight: 47.8 pounds

FAQs: All you need to know

Q How to clean a bounce house?

A You’ll need to thoroughly clean the house ( after each use to keep it in top condition and ready for the next session of play.

Q Help! Air is escaping from the house!

A That’s supposed to happen. The circulation of air through the house needs a place to escape. The constant inflow is matched by a much smaller outflow of air. Some air will escape from the house’s seams. Don’t worry.

Q Oh, no! We have a tear in the bounce house!

A There are ways to fix nearly any tear. Here are some great directions ( for repairing any size hole or tear.

Q Do I really need to pound the stakes into the ground?

A Review this video of a bounce house ( wasn’t staked and caught a gust of wind. We think you’ll never forget to use the stakes again.

Q Can I use the bounce house inside my home and in the yard?

A The manufacturer will tell you whether you can use the bounce house indoors and out ( . In either case, you will want to purchase a separate tarp to put under the house. It should be larger than the house’s floor. This keeps tears from ruining the fun. It also keeps dirt and grass outside the toy making cleaning easier.

Q Storing the bounce house for the winter

A always clean and dry the house thoroughly. To dry, simply have the kids bounce some more, then use a leaf blower. Many houses can be stored away in a plastic bin, a dolly or a wagon.

DIY, Craft and Décor: Ideas

Marco Polo game in the bounce house

If you want a fun game for the whole family, try playing Marco Polo with water and foam (

Freeze Bounce

Put on some happy music, then stop. When the music stops, everyone in the bounce house should freeze where they are. The first to completely stop wins.

Find more bounce house games at Kid’s Party Center

Quick Decision

Blast Zone Castle Inflatable Bouncer – Best Overall
A big bounce house with great safety and comfort features.

Blast Zone Sidekick Bounce House – Upgrade Choice
Another large bounce house. Great outdoor toy for up to six kids.

Little Tikes Jump Slide Bounce – Best Budget Buy
 Is wonderful for the toddlers and smaller kids.

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