Exploring the outdoors is a great way for your little one to learn about their surroundings, and baby beach tents offer a safe, sun-protected environment for babies and toddlers to enjoy outside play. There’s tons of tents on the market with different features, large and small – so many that parents can be left wondering which one is right for their baby. We took a closer look at 9 of the best baby beach tents for Summer 2019 as well as the key factors that should go into making your decision. 

Our Top Picks

How to Pick the Best Baby Beach Tent

1. Recommended Age

Babies have unique needs when it comes to outdoor gear, and making sure you choose something that’s in your child’s age range is likely to make sure those needs are met. Tents designed for babies often have a higher SPF factor and avoid the use of toggle pulls or other small, detachable objects that could become choking hazards. If you want something that baby will grow into or that the whole family can enjoy, being aware of age recommendations is also important. 

2. Ease of Portability and Storage 

Pop up tents are very easy to set up – they come out of their carrying case or box and, as the name indicates, pop up. Putting them away is not always as easy, and some are more simple to fold and store than others. Struggling to put away baby’s tent at the end of a day out doesn’t sound like a good time, so looking for a tent that stores easily is key. Likewise, you may want to focus on tents that are compact to carry when stored, especially if you often go on solo adventures with your little – carrying a baby or toddler and a bulky tent is difficult. Shoulder straps are a feature that comes in handy. 

3. size while in use

Depending on where you plan to use a baby tent, size can play a big role in your decision. If you have a spacious backyard, it matters less if the tent is huge – but if your space is limited, you’ll want to choose something on the smaller side. Crowded beaches aren’t always great at accommodating huge tents, but there are plenty of compact models that will fit easily. Conversely, if you specifically want a large model, you’ll want to know the specs to make sure baby has the amount of play room you imagined. 

4. sun protection

Babies have extremely delicate, sensitive skin, and direct exposure to the sun’s rays can be harmful. Pediatricians don’t generally recommend putting sunscreen or sunblock on children under 6 months of age. This means outdoor gear for babies needs to offer shade and, ideally, SPF protection. Most tents for babies are made with fabric treated to offer SPF/UVF properties, but the level of protection can vary. Choosing the maximum level of protection available is the ideal way to protect baby from UV rays. 

5. Ventilation 

It’s always important to keep baby from overheating, and a poorly ventilated environment on a hot day leads to exactly that. For this reason, most baby tent manufacturers include at least some type of mesh ventilation on their models. That said, the size and placement of these can vary, with some having only a small rear panel and others featuring side windows and skylights. Additionally, some tents have an open front canopy while others fully close using mesh paneling to shelter from sand, dirt, wind and insects – where you plan to use the tent can determine if that’s an important factor in your choice. 

6. pool included

A fun feature in some baby beach tents is a small, shallow splashing pool that little ones can play in. It’s used by placing the tent on soft ground and sinking the area in the center of the pool down, filling with a small amount of water. As long as they’re supervised, it’s a safe, fun way for baby to have aquatic sensory play. Some parents love this feature while others would prefer it not be present, so it’s something to look out for. 

beach baby tent

The Winners


Pacific Play Tents Lil Nursery Tent

Best Overall

Cute and secure, the Pacific Lil’ Nursery tent comes in a unique purple and yellow design that’s bright and cheerful. It’s an ideal pick for small homes and yards or crowded spaces, because there’s enough room for your baby or toddler to fit comfortably but it’s quite compact at 3′ x 3′. A mesh roll up door which secures with Velcro provides ventilation for your baby and protection from the elements. It has UPF 30+, which is very good, but not the highest available on the market.

Recommended age: 6 months to 2 years
Portability and storage: 2 lbs, carry bag with handle
Size in use: 36 x 36 x 36 inches
Sun protection: UVF 30+
Ventilation: Mesh roll up door
Pool included: No


ZOMAKE Pop Up Tent

upgrade Choice

The ZOMAKE 4 Person Pop Up is an ideal choice if you want baby to have lots of room to spread out. It’s also great if you’re planning on using the tent for the whole family. During the day, baby has a sun-safe place to play thanks to UPF 50+ fabric and ventilated windows, doors and roof that offer relief from heat and protection from dirt and insects. At night, everyone can cozy up inside the tent with room to spare – for reference, a queen mattress could fit inside it.

Recommended age: All ages
Portability and storage: 5 lbs, carry bag with handle, 31.5 inches stored
Size in use: 95 x 71 x 39 inches
Sun protection: UPF 50+
Ventilation: 2 mesh doors, 2 mesh windows, extra large mesh skylight roof
Pool included: No


Sunba Youth Baby Beach Tent

Best Budget Buy

The sunny colors and spacious body of the Sunba Youth tent come at a reasonable price, which is made even sweeter by features like rear ventilation and a fun splash pool for baby to enjoy. It has a wide sun shade for extra protection that can be detached if it’s not needed, and the material offers industry standard UPF 50+. The pool feature is optional, making it fun for inside imaginative play as well.

Recommended age: Under 3
Portability and storage: 1.5 lbs, carry bag with handle, 21 inches stored
Size in use: 47.5 x 31.5 x 27.5 in
Sun protection: UPF 50+
Ventilation: Open canopy in front, rear zipper window in rear
Pool included: Yes


Bend River Large Baby Tent

Best Toddler Pop Up Tent

This sturdy, spacious tent is light enough to transport and has room for your baby to grow into. The Bend River model features mosquito netting which keeps baby safe from sand, dirt and bugs while providing the ventilation that’s essential on hot days. It offers the maximum standard UPF protection of 50+, sheltering baby’s delicate skin. It’s compact to carry, toting along easily in a drawstring bag.

Recommended age: Baby, toddler
Portability and storage: Under 2 lbs, carry bag with drawstring, 19.3 x 19.3 in
Size in use: 53 x 35 x 24 inches
Sun protection: UPF 50+
Ventilation: Mesh roll up ventilation window
Pool included: No


Slightly larger than some other baby beach tents, the BabyMoov Anti-UV Tent offers room for babies, toddlers and small children and is ideal for multiple kids. The unique blue and green design with shape patterns is fun and stimulating for babies and the mesh roll up netting at the front keeps them protected from the elements. There’s a lot of room to spread out here, and the 50+ UPF keeps baby’s skin safe for long periods.

Recommended age: Baby, toddler, child
Portability and storage: 1.5 lbs, carry bag with handle
Size in use: 34 x 33 x 38 inches
Sun protection: UPF 50+
Ventilation: Mesh roll up netting at front
Pool included: No


Campela Baby Beach Tent UV

Available with or without a pool feature, the Campela Baby Beach Tent offers room for baby to spread out and a wide sun shelter canopy to give them a great view of their surroundings and keep them within your sight. It offers sun protection, but at UPF 30+ it’s slightly lower than some other tents. The improved ventilation system keeps baby cool and comfortable. It’s a larger tent that can still be carried and stored, but it’s significantly larger when stored than some other models. The shoulder strap helps to offset this size difference by allowing you to carry the unit hands free.

Recommended age: Baby, toddler, child
Portability and storage: 1.96 lbs, carry bag with shoulder strap
Size in use: 58 x 43 inches
Sun protection: UPF 30+
Ventilation: Side mesh window ventilation
Pool included: Optional


Best Baby Beach Tent for UV Protection

Perfect for all day fun, the Tamar Baby Beach tent offers excellent sun protection via a wide shade canopy featuring UPF 50+ and rear mesh ventilation for extra hot days. The shallow pool built into the floor allows baby to enjoy aquatic play while kept safe from dangerous sunburn. When the sun starts to go down, the top canopy can easily be removed, allowing the pool to be used without baby being inside the tent.

Recommended age: Baby, toddler
Portability and storage: 1.6 lbs, carry bag with handle, 21 inches stored
Size in use: 47.5 x 31.5 x 27.5 inches
Sun protection: UVF 50+
Ventilation: Canopy style with open front and mesh ventilation in rear
Pool included: Yes


Monobeach Baby Beach Tent Pop Up

Best Baby Beach Tent With Pool

Monobeach Baby Beach Tent is a great beach trip tent, the wide open canopy allows baby to interact with their family and surroundings while also receiving superior sun protection from the UPF 50+ unit. It has a fun, oceanic blue and green design that fits right in at the seashore, and the shallow splashing pool built into the tent’s floor assures that kids who are too small for the ocean don’t get left out of the water play fun.

Recommended age: Baby, toddler
Portability and storage: 1.8 lbs, carry bag with handle, 21 inches stored
Size in use: 47.5 x 31.5 x 27.5 in
Sun protection: UVF 50+
Ventilation: Rear roll up mesh window
Pool included: Yes


Compact and cozy, the lightweight Aiernuo Infant Sun Shelter is a little smaller than average – the perfect size for infants. The mesh siding offers airflow control and protection from sand, wind, dirt and insects. UPF 50+ sun protection ensures that baby can safely and comfortably play or nap. The shelter is super small when stored, and could even fit in some larger diaper bags or purses.

Recommended age: Baby, toddler
Portability and storage: 1.01 lbs, carry bag with drawstring closure, 13.78 x 13.78 x 1.18 inches stored
Size in use: 41.34 x 25.59 x 19.69 inches
Sun protection: UPF 50+
Ventilation: Mesh side windows
Pool included: No

FAQs: All you need to know

Q What are some challenging features to look out for? 

A While baby pop up tents are easy to assemble for the most part, they can be challenging to store. It might take you a few times to get the hang of folding and storing your baby’s tent – some manufacturers actually offer video instructions on their website to make the process easier for parents. Some tents are more compact than others while in storage, and larger tents can be difficult to carry if you’re having a one on one day with your baby. 

Q Do I need a fully enclosed tent or is a canopy fine? 

A Some of the tents included here provide full closure, which protects babies from sand, wind and the elements in general, but that’s not always necessary. If you’re just using the tent at home in your backyard or other safe places, a canopy is fine. On the beach, a tent that has full closure with mesh ventilation is ideal. Windy days can kick up sand that misses adults, but is at just the right height to fly into little eyes. 

Q What are the biggest safety factors with these products? 

APools: Babies should ALWAYS be supervised when water play is happening. A baby can drown in less than 2 inches of water, so if there’s a pool involved, eagle eyes should be as well.

Ventilation: Overheating can be dangerous to the point of fatality in young children, so any tent or enclosure babies or toddlers are inside on a hot day must have ventilation, and the ventilation must be used – windows opened, panels rolled up and doors opened.

Secure Stakes: Tents come with stakes that are used to secure them to the ground. It’s essential that parents practice using these several times and test the product before they let their child use it to ensure that they will be safe.

Quick Decision

Pacific Play Tents Lil Nursery Tent – Best Overall
This tent offers excellent sun protection and ventilation, and it’s compact both in use and storage. 

ZOMAKE Pop Up Tent – Upgrade Choice
It’s a fabulous choice for the whole family or to offer baby a massive play space with superior ventilation and a view.

Sunba Youth Baby Beach Tent – Best Budget Buy
The fun splash pool in this spacious unit keeps babies busy and it offers the same superior ventilation and sun protection of other tents at a budget price.

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